Michael Tai
Michael Tai
Manager at Gainwise Technology Co. Ltd
Tainan, Taiwan
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Company Introduction

Established in 1995, Gainwise is one of the leading local wireless loops and fixed wireless terminals manufacturers, providing total solutions to telecommunication companies in Taiwan. Our product range includes home appliances, security systems, car and motorcycle security systems and chargers, and consumer electronics products. We have years of experience in the manufacture, design and production of cellular phone accessories such as voice-activated handsfree kits, battery chargers, PCM and WLL, mobile PABX trunks (NEOS) or fixed wireless terminals (FWT), SIM cards management (SCM), COTOMO or call forwarding boxes (CFB), and protection circuit modules (PCM) under the brand “GAINWISE”. These CE-, 3GPP-, ETSI-, FCC 47- and RoHS-approved products are exported worldwide and are well-received by famous companies such as Telefonica Moviles (Spain).

Unique Features for Clients' GSM FWT

Our CSD (Circuit Switch Data) communication provides a point-to-point data transfer, which has higher compatibility as well as LCR (Least Cost Router) that can automatically connect up to either landline or FWT and recognize the number you dial.

Production Facilities and Services

Our imported QC equipment ensure that our FWTs are delivered on time. We check the quality of our products using oscillators from Hitachi, spectrum analyzers from HP and GSM MS simulators from Agilent. Since they are built with GSM engines supplied by Siemens, they last longer. In addition, we ship them all with one-year warranty.

Get Your Orders in One Week

We have three QC auditors and four R&D engineers with 14 years of experience that can develop two new products every season. Our new product development cycle takes three to six months. With strong support from our workforce, our monthly capacity is 5,000 units, and we accept orders starting at just 20 units with a delivery time of one week. Contact us today.


GSM controller

GSM / 3G Gate Opener

We embed the GSM/WCDMA module into the door opener. Let users control the output relay to open the door or gate remotely. And important they do not need to pay any call cost.


We develop two models including 2 Relay output with 3 inputs. In addition to we develop enhance model with battery, it can keep to work when the AC power is loss.

Wireless Intercom

GSM / 3G Intercom

Traditional intercom system must include the door station and home station, And Important is you need to spend money for wire cost and wiring cost between them. We embed the GSM/WCDMA module into the door station. Let users answer the door and talk with the visitor from any location. Easy installation and important they do not need to pay any cost for wire and wiring. The wireless intercom system can make audio call or video call via WCDMA network and user can open the door via DTMF tone during the call. Additional users can open the door through their mobile phone without fee.


Fixed Wireless Terminal

With Fixed Wireless Terminals enterprises can benefit from substantial cost savings using Least Cost Routing (LCR) with the terminal connected to PBX. This enables turning fixed-to-mobile into mobile-to-mobile calls.


GPS Tracking

A GPS tracking unit is a device, normally carried by a moving vehicle or person, that uses the Global Positioning System to determine and track its precise location, and hence that of its carrier, at intervals. The recorded location data can be stored within the tracking unit, or it may be transmitted to a central location data base, or Internet-connected computer, using a cellular (GPRS or SMS), radio, or satellite modem embedded in the unit. This allows the asset's location to be displayed against a map backdrop either in real time or when analysing the track later, using GPS tracking software. Data tracking software is available for smartphones with GPS capability


Modem & Router

3G modem/Router

Wireless M2M communication is opening the door to a new world of possibilities across a limitless range of industries such as logistics and transport, health care, consumer devices, Point of Sale (PoS), finance, security, utilities and smart grid by supporting automatic data communication between devices such as electric meters (or smart meters), digital displays, vending machines, alarm systems and vehicles.


Electronics Design

LED Light System

Power Heated Control Board

Car Electronic Accessories

Coin Accepter Counter Control Board

LCD Hair Clipper with Battery Indicator