Michael Pliskin
Michael Pliskin
CEO at MedM
United States
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Company Website: MedM
Personal Link: http://www.medm.com


We are a world technology leader in Mobile Patient Monitoring and Medical Device Connectivity software. The company is operating globally with customers in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. We are a pure software engineering company, we leverage our skills and background to allow our customers focus on what they do best - services, clinical outcomes, hardware - and let us do the software part of it.

Cloud Portal and Storage:



MedM Apps

Health/Blood Pressure/Diabetes/Weight/Temperature

MedM Patient and Caregiver Apps are available for most popular smartphones, tablets, and desktops, and currently include apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phones & Tablets, Windows-based PCs, and Linux-based PCs and devices. Additionally, MedM platform supports using Android-based, Windows-based, and Linux-based home gateways for unattended data collection and transmission.

MedM Connected Sensors

Activity Trackers/Fetal Dopplers/Spirometers/Blood Glucose Meters/Heart Rate Monitors/Thermometers/Blood Pressure Monitors/Pulse Oximeters/Weight Scale/sECG/sSleep Trackers/Pill Reminders

We have been investing heavily into being compatible with as many medical devices as possible. We now have more than 300 medical devices by 50 manufacturers in our compatibility library, and this list keeps growing. More details are available at the Devices & Partners page.

Remote Patient Monitoring. White Label Apps & Cloud

MedM Platform is a complete Remote Patient Monitoring software package. It includes apps connecting to medical devices, optional fixed gateway (MedM Hub), cloud services, cloud portal, and a set of EMR/EHR integration APIs. It is compatible with more than 350 medical sensors by 50 vendors.

State-of-the-art Patient and Caregiver portal is an integral part of MedM Platform. It allows anywhere and anytime web-based access to Patient Health Information and features historic and realtime data views, trend graphs, thresholds & notifications, reports, and more. Cloud Storage is a HIPAA-compliant scalable medical data storage component available in both Cloud and Hosted editions.

Regulatory Compliance

Cleared as a Class I Patient Data Management System (PDMS) according to EU Medical Device Directive;

Medical Device Data System (MDDS) according to FDA Regulations and thus is an exempt from FDA 510(k) process;

Ready for HIPAA-compliant deployment