Merrick Zhang
Merrick Zhang
Vice General Manager at Zhongshan Cambo Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd.
Zhongshan, China
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Zhongshan Cambo Photographic Equipment Co., Ltd. has the best geographical advantage for foreign trade business. Specialized in CNC (computer numerical control) precision machining, mould designing and producing, which made the company gather rich experience in processing and mold producing for photographic equipment.

In 2002, Cambo began to engage in OEM business for producing quality tripods and heads for foreign business partners. The company has independent departments for R&D, molding, die-casting, injection molding, CNC precision machining, coating and assembling.

After 6 years technology and experience gathering, production for own brand "CAMBOFOTO" tripods and heads started in 2008. Until now, Cambo is still working hard on developing a wider range of quality camera accessories and supports. We are doing better and better in photographic industry because we know that Cambo photographers not only demand the best camera accessories but also the best after-sale service.


Tripod Kits


These kits are the right solutions for photographers looking for a professional tripod but yet lightweight and compact. The unique folding system allows for an impressive space optimisation, but more importantly, without compromising on performance and stability.

Professional Tripods


Cambofoto professional tripods are the right solution for photographers looking for lightweight and compactness in pure state in a professional tripod, when traveling (and flying) is a common practice.



Cambofoto heads are designed to be an extremely balanced product, that not only guarantee a high max load, but that also maximize other key features, too often overlooked by the end users.

Selfie Stick


The shaft wall uses 8 layer pure carbon fiber manufacturing, and the material is lighter. The product has a good shock absorption. In addition, the stabilization is better.