May Liang
May Liang
Program Management Manager at Flex
Zhuhai, China
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Flex Zhuhai was founded in 1994; Today we hold more than 670,000 square meters, have more than 52,000 specialists, and plenty of products series as well as many business partners around the world. As a socially-responsible, global leader in design, engineering, manufacturing, distribution services, Flex is unique in its ability to provide end-to-end supply chain solutions in the field of data networking, telecommunication, storage, industry, capital assets, equipment, automation, medical, automobile, aerospace and defense, energy, resources, mobile and other electronics products. As an industrial leader, our factory network in over 30 countries globally, we help our customers to design, build, ship and service. The complete service and vertical integration solution helps our customers to cut down cost, increase flexibility, shorten lead time and optimize supply chain.

The Service We provide for Startups

(1) Prototyping

First, fast, efficient

Speed to market is crucial to your new product’s success. But speed is nothing without quality, reliability, and feasibility. Flex has the resources, horsepower, agility, and expertise for rapid iterations. We generate, test, and improve your prototype—until we get it right. Faster, smarter prototyping keeps you accelerating toward launch.


Extensive resources and expertise

Moving from sketch to prototype requires a partner with equal parts inspiration, resources, and expertise. Flex’s global Innovation Centers are a portal to our 2,500 design engineers—experts across a wide range of distinct fields. And with resources such as advanced 3D plastic and metal printers, surface mount technology, and sophisticated testing equipment, Flex helps ensure that your prototype becomes a viable, sustainable, and scalable product.

(2) Concepting

Plan for success

Uncertainty can be your biggest obstacle when turning a rough sketch into a scalable product. We embrace that ambiguity up front, discuss your goals, and create a plan to see your concept through to commercialization. With extensive expertise in analysis, testing, and proof-of-concept modeling, we can move your idea from concept to design, prototype, and commercialization—fast. So your product journey is filled with clarity from the start.


A resourceful partner

We offer a vast network of resources that you can tap into, from startups and in-house Innovation Centers to world-renowned research institutions. With more than 2,500 design engineers around the world, we know what can be built—quickly and profitably. Watch your product concept become a viable, sustainable product reality.


(3) Product Design and Engineering

Partner with experience

Your product strategy demands a partner that thinks as big as you do. With deep design and engineering experience, Flex uses its unmatched resources, technologies, and services to develop your product with commercialization in mind. As part of our Sketch to Scale platform, we offer access to new qualified technologies, early concept development, design and process optimization, simulation, prototyping, and testing. All to help you accelerate your time to market without sacrificing quality and reliability or experiencing setbacks and delays.


Optimize for launch

The experience and efficiencies we’ve developed across industries and geographies put Flex out front with the latest technologies and capabilities. That means we have the know-how to move quickly to optimize your design from the start. Among our comprehensive set of services, we offer design for manufacturing, new product introduction, system integration, testing, and process automation. Our services are your competitive advantage as you speed to market.


(4) New Product Introduction

Tried and true

When you’re bringing a new product to market, experience can help you identify opportunities and unexpected challenges. Flex’s extensive knowledge across industries and the disruptive technology within businesses can help you achieve the visibility you need to be competitive. Our global vision, together with our leading-edge equipment and processes, as well as our facilities that specialize in lean manufacturing and high reliability, will help ensure that your product can be built, launched, scaled, and delivered to your customers, seamlessly.


Defining a new space

New products can push the boundaries of innovation. Flex’s Advanced Engineering Group provides the support you need when defining your technology roadmap—ensuring product differentiation, faster time to market, and lower costs. And if your product requires new manufacturing processes, our team of experienced engineers can help develop innovative processes that may not yet exist.