May Lee
May Lee
Sales Manager at Shenzhen Dodointel Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen, China
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Shenzhen Dodointel Intellingent Technology Co.,Ltd (another name Shenzhen Enqualcomm Technology Co., Ltd. ) is a top GPS tracker solution provider and manufacturer in China for more than 6 years, including personal gps watch and vehicle gps tracker.

Company Strength :

(1). Good cost performance: accurate GPS location, stable use and 5 days standby time IP67 waterproof with a reasonable price

(2). The technical strength ranking of Dodo in China is the best one. This company has deposited its techniques in GPS algorithm, RFID, Power consumption algorithm for the last 6 years.

(2).Our major cooperator is MTK and Foxconn, which is the same factory with Apple

(3). We focus on Tracker Care Business. We launch three main models for kids, two models for senior and one for pet.

(4). We are a R&D company, focusing on designing and developing the best wearable products in the world. For overseas market, we just concentrate on offering OEM&ODM service for our customers.

(5). Direct Technical Support: As we have our own R&D team , and the engineers have the ability for direct technical support.

(6). Complete product line of kid, senior and pet trackers.

Product Competence:

(1). GPS updated for every one minute, and it shows stable trajectory on the map (GPS accuracy is within 10m)

(2). ELLP algorithm: low power consumption, make sure 5 days standby time

(3). IP67: no matter kid or old boys care much on the convenience to use. IP67 waterproof can guarantee that they could feel relax to use.

(4). camera

(5). reasonable cost with excellent performance (touch and color screen)

(6). flexible and strong technique support (full experience on supporting big customers and operators)

(7). on certain condition: we agree to open LIB Base Server Source Code and APK Source Code

(8). Flexible support on changing the design of the watch case