Matthew Crook
Matthew Crook
Sales Representative at Hi-Nano Micromachining Services Co., Ltd.
New Taipei, Taiwan
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Hi-Nano Micromachining Services Co., Ltd. is an ISO certified reliable partner of advanced technology companies and R&D Labs. We don't produce finished products and devices . We provide micromachining services to our customers, such as structured glass wafers and silicon wafers, substrates and customized components for Semiconductors, MEMS, Optoelectronics, Medical, and Aero spaces industries.

With combination of different micromachining techniques, including lasers, laser assisted machining, micro abrasive machining, dry and wet etching and well-trained engineer team, we're able to meet the most demanding micromachining needs.

We've developed a new method for machining chemically strengthened glass such as Corning's Gorilla glass, FIT glass and AGC's Dragontrial glass. The machining sp- eed of our process has been proven to be several times faster than conventional CNC milling machine and almost no breakage during the processing.

We also created a dicing method which can dicing the silicon wafer into odd-shaped dice. The method breaks shapes of dice for semiconductor were only in square or rectangular form. The process has been successfully used to make Round and Hex. dice for Auto Rectifier devices.

Our wide range of machining capabilities and experie- nces enables us to help you realize your idea into mass production efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us now if you have any micromachining needs.


Water jet guided laser



Water-jet-guided laser technology uses a low-pressure water jet to guide the

laser beam by means of total internal reflection at the water/air interface. During

ablation, the water jet expels the molten material.


1、The water jet works as a fiber of variable length for guiding the laser beam

2、The water jet ejects the molten material.

3、The water jet cools the work piece during laser ablation.


1、Long working distance. No laser beam focusing problems.

2、Negligible HAZ ( Heat-affected zone ).

3、Efficient material removal.

4、Clean cuts. No contamination. No burrs.

5、No thermal damage. No oxidation.

6、No recasts.

7、Surface of the work piece is covered by a thin water film. Additional protective coating is not required.

Materials We Machined


Hi-Nano Micro machining Services Company is capable of processing a wide variety of semiconductor ,MEMS and opto-electronic materials, especially hard and brittle materials.

Chemically strengthened glass
Silicon substrates
Ceramics substrates
Alumina Nitride substrates
Silicon Carbide ( SiC)
Thin graphite sheet
Graphite fiber Composites
Carbon fiber composites
Glass fiber composites
Epoxy based composites
Thin Metal Sheets
Other advanced composite materials