Matt Brennan
Matt Brennan
Operations Manager at CollectiveSun
San Diego, United States
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Company Website: CollectiveSun

Matthew Brennan is the operations manager at CollectiveSun®, LLC. Prior to this, he worked as an industrial engineer for a network equipment manufacturer, a sales engineer for electronic equipment manufacturers and an operations manager for an industry-leading mechanical engineering magazine.


About CollectiveSun

Power BY the People isn’t just our slogan, it’s our business model. CollectiveSun® is an impact investing platform that uses the power of the community to help nonprofits raise the funds to achieve financial and environmental sustainability with solar power. We work solely with nonprofits to help them overcome the challenges that they have in financing these projects.

Because most of the current solar incentives are embedded in the tax code, they’re not accessible by nonprofit organizations that lack a tax liability by definition. In addition, banks and other financial institutions tend to shy away from funding loans for nonprofits like churches, private schools and other community service organizations, which makes solar a difficult, if not impossible, option for nonprofits.

We saw this challenge as an opportunity to connect impact investors – investors who invest in cause related opportunities – with nonprofit organizations who need to raise the funds to develop these projects. By bringing these two groups together, we find that not only are we able to fund these projects but, more importantly, we’re able to engage more people, creating both financial and non-financial supporters.

If you’re interested in learning more about how CollectiveSun® can help your organization go solar, click here to learn more.