Martin Meisalu
Martin Meisalu
Entrepreneur and Software Developer at Wazombi Labs OÜ
Tartu, Estonia
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Company Website: Wazombi Labs OÜ

ABOUT Wazombi Labs OÜ:

Wazombi Labs focuses on End-to-end Product Development both as a service and in house projects. Currently we have 20 developers and all of them are focused on IoT projects that include projects that are already in production(both have been sold and built ~qty of 2000+) RollyCat( and RISE( projects. We have also multiple new projects in the pipeline that would be intrested to find partners on manufacturing of injection molding, PCB manufacturing/assembly and product certifications

Build an idea into a working prototype-

We all have these eureka moments when we discover something that has long been missing from our lives. We help our clients bring these ideas into working prototypes – from your great idea into a mobile application mockup, functional hardware gadget... or why not both.

Improve an existing product-

Your new sunglasses need a facial recognition software installed? Why not. If something does not work as expected or the current solution needs a little upgrade to achieve what it was designed for, we can fix it.

Create a new hardware gadget from the scratch-

From bold dreams to great products. Wazombi Labs can bring your idea into mass production. We have all the know-how in-house to make it happen.

To create an animation mockup-

You will only believe it when you see it – we have done animation work for early game ideas and applications so clients can actually see their idea in animation even before the application coding starts.

SERVICES: End-to-end Product Development

Electronic Engineering-

  • Rapid 3D Prototyping
  • PCB Design and Layout
  • RF Testing

Embedded Software

  • Multiple Processor Platforms
  • Over-The-Air Firmware Updates
  • Ultra-low power solutions
  • Bluetooth® Classic and Bluetooth® Smart
  • Wi-Fi™ Communication
  • Security

App Development

  • iOS and Android SDK
  • Custom Development
  • Cloud and Server Integration
  • User Analytics and In-App Advertising
  • Social Media Integration

UX/UI Design/ Animations

  • Usability Studies
  • Workflow Design
  • Style Guide Development
  • Mock-Up Design
  • Progressive Implementation
  • Animations