Martin Jorgensen
Martin Jorgensen
Innovation Manager at Xtel Wireless
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Specialized expertise = the key to success

Located near the Aalborg University campus, Xtel is an offspring of Denmark’s mobile cluster.

Our team consists of more than 20 highly specialized hardware and software development experts. Where a technology boost is needed, we develop complete products or assist a development team in the company.

Our technological solutions and innovative skills are recognized by our partners.

Many years of experience

Xtel was founded by a group of experienced engineers with a professional background in the Danish mobile communications industry. Working for many years with companies, all leaders in their respective fields, we have helped to improve their products by providing cutting-edge technologies and functionality.

As demonstrated by our current position, Xtel has made its mark in a number of ways on the development of mobile communications. Having worked in the field for several years, our dedicated and highly specialized engineers are extremely experienced in developing crucial mobile components. By combining our knowledge and resources, we offer cutting-edge wireless functionality for our partners’ products.


Product development

Xtel has in-depth knowledge of product development and of the maturation of wireless technologies and platforms.

We have the in-house expertise needed to offer a complete value chain for product development.