Markose Chenthitta
Markose Chenthitta
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Hello Everybody,

My name is Markose Chenthitta , Im introducing my own product line of air purifiers for Cars for the purpose of reducing Volatile Organic Compounds that can be found and traced by the use of car parts and various materials used in manufacturing our vehicles. The very materials that are used are not really good for our health as these materials are chemically processed as well as known for Off-Gassing various chemicals such as benzene , formaldehyde , ammonia and various chemicals that are known to be lung irritants and have severe long term consequences in effecting our respiratory system, hormones that control various and vital functions of our body. As you will soon realize this is something we can do to change our lifestyles and use technologies that are available to us to benefit ourselves.

Overall, my purpose is to promote and evangelize products that can add value for ourselves like cleaner air , batling poor indoor air quality that is getting diminished due to our own activities from our humble actions of driving, DIY activities and unknowingly use chemicals that we thought would clean , is actually doing the opposite. . There are great products that i want to promote to the masses by proven technologies to better our health as well as provide the affordability , so as it is at reach for many .

The Dreamland CLAC-09 is my first step to bring value and solve the issue of poor indoor air quality inside our vehicles.

In the END , we want to have good health , How we are going to acheive this , is to bring a positive change of the mindset and go after the things that add true value to pur lives.

Here is something to ponder our minds

"Good health is just not about the absense of disease Its the prevention of Illness and uphold Positive Well-Being."