Mark White
Mark White
Director of Sales at American Standard Circuits
West Chicago, United States
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Mark’s passion for electronics was clear by the time he was just a few years old. Mark built his families first computer by the age of 7 and by the age of 10 Mark had disassembled and reassembled nearly every electronic device in the house. This life long passion for electronics led Mark to focus his efforts on many aspects of electronics throughout his life from learning the basics of coding to understanding the design of large scale server infrastructures. Eventually Mark’s focus came to be on the physical hardware inside of all of the electronic devices that he so loved. An unexpected call from a long time colleague led mark to entering the electronics prototyping field where Mark learned the Chemistry and Physics involved in making the most basic component in nearly all electronics. Mark is currently the Director of Sales at American Standard Circuits where he helps his customers to understand the most efficient way to take their concept from a schematic to the first working prototype.

About American Standard Circuits (ASC):

ASC understands your technical challenges. Whether you need quick prototypes, a cost effective solution for your flex, rigid-flex, mixed dielectrics or our metal clad PCB’s , we have the experience, the people and the technology to meet these challenges. We compete in time and must go beyond our current boundaries to provide competitive PCB’s and services outside what is considered normal service.

ASC prides itself in being a Total Solutions Provider and manufactures quality rigid, metal-backed and flex printed circuit boards on various types of substrates for a variety of applications. These products can go into high speed computing, high frequency telecommunication ranging from aerospace to deep space, defense, LEDs and other heat sink automotive electronics, and navigation devices – right from small test and prototype quantities to large volume production. We provide all of our technologies in a time critical environment.

At ASC, quality is a way of life. The staff is made up of world class, highly experienced Ph.D. materials scientists, engineers, Six Sigma black belts, and several Six Sigma green belt candidates undergoing training. ASC has state-of-the-art process control systems and our certifications include ISO 9001:2000 and military certification (MIL 31032). We have rigorous SPC controls, automated optical inspection, metallographic cross section and electrical test facilities. These provide the quality assurance needed to meet the high standards of our customers.

A Tradition of Innovation and Excellence-

Located in the central US and a number of off-shore alliances American Standard Circuits (ASC) prides itself with its unique global capability. We can manufacture printed circuit boards and flex circuits in virtually any shape and size, for applications ranging from high frequency telecommunication ranging from aerospace to deep space, defense, automotive, navigation, to analog and digital computing – right from small test and prototype quantities to large volume production.

We also have several patent pending materials which augment our Thermal Management Solutions offerings.

American Standard Circuits, Inc. (ASC) is one of the several hi-tech companies co-founded by a group of individuals. Mr. Gordon Patel, whose entrepreneurial spirit, ideas and business instincts are the vital energy source needed to run a successful and growing business enterprise. We believe that our executive management should have effective customer contact. We can provide the most innovative products and services to the market place. Mr. Gordon Patel's ventures include such companies as:

  • American Precision Machining Inc.: Franklin Park, IL. Specialists in CNC Machining.
  • Lipocine Inc.: Salt Lake City, Utah. A pharmaceutical high-tech research and development company designing the drug delivery systems for challenging drugs.
  • AmeriCoats: Franklin Park, Illinois. An industry leader in hi-tech powder coatings.
  • Kleer Pak: Addison, Illinois. A converter of flexible materials, making pouches and bags from a variety of films and laminations.
  • Moffat Wire Products Inc.: Addison, Illinois. A designer/manufacture of display racks, house wares, fan guards and wire specialties.
  • Together, they offer our customers unparalleled capabilities, technologies, and financial resources.

Interconnecting the Electronics-

Founded in 1988, American Standard Circuits is rapidly emerging as a leading manufacturer of advanced circuit board solutions worldwide. We do not regard expansion as a goal in its own right - it should meet the needs of the market (and hence the user) in terms of quality, speed and quantity.

The Company has recently entered into the forefront of the advanced technology circuit board fabrication due to its commitment to leading-edge higher level interconnect technology, cost-effective manufacturing and unparalleled customer service. We are providing solutions for the following types of customers: Military, Aerospace, Industrial, Commercial, Medical, Telecommunications, Computer, Radar, Transportation

With the recent acquisition of two PCB manufacturing locations in the US and one in India, American Standard Circuits (ASC) is uniquely positioned in the circuit board manufacturing industry to make PCBs of all kinds and in all volumes, from rapid quick turn prototypes to large volumes. Every ASC manufacturing division is ISO-9002 certified.





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