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Device Solutions Inc. is an American sourcing and fulfillment services company with operating headquarters in China. DSI will create, develop, manufacture, and deliver your product. We can bring nearly any imaginable item to market in less time and for less cost than any other sourcing company.

Worried about Intellectual Property protections? Don't be. We will create, protect, and enforce protections with legally binding agreements. Our permanent presence in China serves as an IP Watchdog.

Here are a few of our sourcing Projects:

  • Tablets
  • Electric Automobiles
  • Smart Phones
  • Military Grade Anti-Ballistic, Protective Gear
  • 200,000 Army Blankets
  • Airline Mattress Systems
  • Commercial Airline Cabinware
  • Designer Fashion Goods
  • Electric Bicycles
  • Electric Motorcycles
  • Alternative Vehicles
  • Electric ATVs
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Gasoline-Electric Hybrid Motorbikes
  • Rugged, Shock-Proof, Explosion-Proof & Waterproof Tablets & Phones
  • Surveillance Drones
  • Audio Equipment
  • Feature Phones
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Televisions, Monitors & Smart TV’s (DSI created the world’s smallest Smart TV)
  • Tablets Used in a Kiosk Mode for Advertising
  • Sailor's Rugged & Waterproofed Tablet
  • Electronic Menus for Restaurants & the Hospitality Industry
  • Smart Scales that interface with your Apple or Android Device
  • Fair Trade Electronics (DSI sourced the world’s 1st FairPhone)
  • Health Care Devices
  • Smart Home & Hotel Room Devices
  • Power Banks
  • Hover-Boards
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Health Care Devices Smart Home & Hotel Room Devices
  • Educational Devices
  • Children’s Tablets & Phones
  • Wearable Devices for Health & Fitness Monitoring
  • Low Cost Feature Phones (We can help create a mobile phone that will sell for under $10.00)

Unlike other sourcing companies, we don’t demand a future equity stake, or percentage of future sales. And, we won’t break your bank in getting the product launched. Our full-ranging sourcing services can provide your company with a highly qualified team based in China carefully overseeing your product’s production. All for a price that’s probably much less than you thought possible. DSI is pragmatic and no-nonsense; we will get the job done on time and under budget.

Our 50-Person, China Fulfillment Center can deliver your order directly, and perfectly customized to meet your end customers demands. Delivery how you want it, where you want it, and when you want it!

Headquartered in the USA, we have a very active presence in Shenzhen, and Shanghai, China. We have served customers from every region of the world, and will help make your product a successful and profitable reality.

DSI values communications and will communicate openly with our clients. From our China offices we will meet weekly, sometimes daily, and always as often as necessary, with manufacturers to assure everything progresses according to plan.