Marie Tatibouet
Marie Tatibouet
Digital Gal at OPPO
Shenzhen, China
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About OPPO

OPPO is a global electronics and technology service provider that delivers the latest and most exquisite mobile electronic devices in over 20 countries, including the United States, China, Australia and many countries throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa. OPPO is dedicated to delivering customers with the most extraordinary mobile experience through meticulous designs and smart technology.

The Art of Technology

There’s an Art to Living Life.

At OPPO, we’re here for those that expect more from their smartphone than a run-of-the-mill experience.This is the reason for the dedication and effort we put into bringing users the very best, which is why we put as much effort into what our phones can do for you.

We are driven by our love for art. Our devotion and dedication to the art of technology is what inspires us to create beautiful products-inside and out. Everything is considered. From the tactile qualities to the aesthetic aspects of each of our devices; every angle, every color, every piece is meticulously crafted…so we are left with not just a remarkable looking device, but a cultivated experience.

We put as much thought and consideration into the designing of our products as one would into designing their own unique lifestyle, right down to the very minute of details. It is here, where the art of technology and life convene.


Just Got Revolutionized

When you feel an OPPO phone in your hand, you know exactly what you’re getting.

You know that in the palm of your hand, you’re holding high-quality materials compiled under craftsman-like conditions,

all designed for the sheer knowledge that we have, not only made something we can be proud of,

but something that you can be proud of too.





OPPO R7 Plus