Mari Futagami
Mari Futagami
Technical Communicator at Makers Boot Camp
Kyoto, Japan
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Makers Boot Camp

is the leading acceleration program 100% Made in Japan, one of the most recommended in Asia, for hardware startups who want to get ready for mass manufacturing with cost-effective reliable technology.


Counting on Samurai prototype experts mentorship, we support hardware startups on key points (Business model from VCs, IP from lawyers, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, Crowdfunding, Supply Chain) so they can reach a high quality standard in the world market.


Makers Boot Camp is a result of combined efforts from passionate entrepreneurs interested to share Japanese worldwide famous industrial realiable best practices: trustable, on time, high quality.

After realising that more than 70% of hardware successful crowdfunded campaigns are not able to reach mass production and fail to deliver products on time, our Co-Founders started to use Kansai know-how to help hardware startups crossing the gap in “the valley of failure”: Design for Manufacturing.

Makino, operating incubators and co-working spaces in Kansai, has been able to experience a vast and diverse startup ecosystem, offering many practical solutions to support it.

Kenshin brings his technical expertise on team building across multiple regions and countries that have allowed him to develop a CTO & CIO role for high-tech startups.

Takeda connects the industry to IoT startups: representing Kyoto Shisaku Net – 100 small & medium manufacturers joining forces to complement each other and face industrial challenges as a group.

Even thought products can be manufactured in alternative countries, when it comes to excellency, Japan can be considered one of the main international makers are inspired by and can learn from.


Below you can find the startups we have supported so far.

They are from the 2015 batch. The current program is no longer time-bound, and we onboard new startups all throughout the year. Come back to this page every now and then to see who’s the new kid on the block.