Marc Fàbregas Bachs
Marc Fàbregas Bachs
Founder and Leader at Zolertia
Barcelona, Spain
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Company Website: Zolertia

In Zolertia we create solutions for engineers, makers, universities, R+D centers and companies to design and create IoT products. We have a vast experience in hardware and firmware development for the IoT. Our first hardware platform, the Z1, is helping more than 400 customers worldwide connect things to the Internet in 45 different countries. Thousands of Z1 and RE-Motes are already managing data from all over the World. This 2016 we are going to release new products to integrate in all kind of products and companies. If you have a product and want to connect it to the Internet we are your team, contact us!



The Perfect Tool For R&D Centers, Universities And Companies To Develop IoT Solutions

Infinite hardware for the Internet of Things

Re-Mote is a powerful development board to build real IoT projects and solutions. Re-Mote IoT hardware board was developed jointly with universities and industrial partners from different countries in the context of a European Project to create powerful IoT hardware for Smart cities, logistics, lighting and industrial project. Fully compatible with main IoT operation systems, RE-Mote is the perfect hardware platform to create and work in real IoT.


  • Double radio interface to enable personal area networks (100 m) and long range applications (up to 40km).
  • Powerful ARM® M3-Cortex® with increased performance.
  • Programmable over USB, no external programmers required.
  • Low power operation down to 0.4uA to operate on batteries for years.
  • A built-in battery charger allows direct connection of solar panels and rechargeable batteries.
  • Powered from 2 to 28VDC without requiring additional power converters.
  • Micro-SD card to store and retrieve data easily.
  • Security hardware acceleration.
  • Easy integration of existing commercial sensors and actuators.

Z1 platform

One of the most used hardware development platforms in Wireless Sensor Networks around the world, paving the road for the Internet of Things. The Z1 mote combines low power and versatility to integrate several sensors and actuators into actual real products.

The Zoul has the following key features:

  • Deep Sleep support with RAM retention for ultra-low energy consumption.
  • Native USB support (CDC-ACM). SLIP over UART for border routers is no longer a bottleneck.
  • DMA transfers for increased performance (RAM to/from RF, RAM to/from USB).
  • In terms of hardware support, the following drivers have been implemented for the Zoul-based platforms:
  • CC2538 System-on-Chip:
    • Standard Cortex M3 peripherals (NVIC, SCB, SysTick)
    • Sleep Timer (underpins rtimers)
    • SysTick (underpins the platform clock and Contiki's timers infrastructure)
    • RF (2.4GHz)
    • UART
    • Watchdog (in watchdog mode)
    • USB (in CDC-ACM)
    • uDMA Controller (RAM to/from USB and RAM to/from RF)
    • Random number generator
    • Low Power Modes
    • General-Purpose Timers. NB: GPT0 is in use by the platform code, the remaining GPTs are available for application development.
    • ADC
    • Cryptoprocessor (AES-ECB/CBC/CTR/CBC-MAC/GCM/CCM-128/192/256, SHA-256)
    • Public Key Accelerator (ECDH, ECDSA)
    • Flash-based port of Coffee
    • PWM
    • LEDs
    • Buttons
    • Built-in core temperature and battery sensor.
  • CC1200 sub-1GHz radio interface.
  • Real Time Clock Calendar (on the RE-Mote platform).


Zoul Module

The Zoul comprises the CC2538 and CC1200 in a single module format, which allows a fast reuse of the RE-Mote core components in different formats and form-factors, depending on the users or applications specific requirements, with a competitive market price, effectively allowing Internet of Things applications and existing products to upgrade to an IoT connected solution.

Zoul provides a ready to integrate module for most industrial and commercial applications giving to the customer a huge reduction of the development and certification costs, and the go-to-market time for new connected products and solutions.



The Firefly is a breakout board designed to inspire, build and develop from scratch any Internet of Things application.

To work out of the box, the firefly includes a PCB antenna for the Sub-1GHz interface, as well as 2 x u.Fl connectors for 2.4GHz and sub-1GHz external antennas.

The firefly can be programmed and debugged over JTAG and USB. The board has a CP2104 USB to serial converter with a PIC, it allows to program the CC2538 without having to manually to put the device in bootloader mode.