Mao Dylan
Mao Dylan
Sales Manager at Epic Smart Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Dongguan, China
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EPIC Smart Manufacturing has been engaged in high-end product manufacturing since 2001. We are a large facility with integrated R&D, design and manufacturing under one roof, with 14 years of OEM experience. We entered the industry of smart wearable devices in 2012 and focus on manufacturing of smart watches and smart wristbands.

With a solid background in manufacturing, the company has a large R&D team that includes 13 mechanical engineers, 25 software engineers and 5 material sourcing engineers. Certified by ISO9001 in 2004 and ISO2000 in 2010 as well as QC8000 etc, all our products have received 3C, CE, FCC and UL certification. Currently EPIC has built up its own factory in Dongguan with a total size of 40,000 square meters and a staff of 1,500. There are workshops in the factory for automated assembly, mold making, injection molding, leather manufacturing and SMT.


As a professional OEM, EPIC is committed to manufacturing and guaranteeing the quality of your products and the integrity of your brand with our expertise and hard work. For the smart wearable industry, EPIC brings its superior advantages in:

1. Quick-Turn Prototypes

EPIC has a professional in-house R&D team for project design, 3D mechanical design, electronic engineering, mold design, prototype making, quantity production assessment and die sinking. We make ideas come to life and deliver your prototypes in a timely manner.

2. On Time Delivery

EPIC is the only manufacturer in the market that has dedicated automation equipment for smart wearable devices. It guarantees the maximum efficiency and high volume production. The advanced automated concurrent method of manufacturing not only enables mass production but also allows for multiple batches of small orders. We are able to deliver in quantities of as small as hundreds per order and up to a million per month. In an addition, the advanced supply chain management system and mobile Internet-based logistics management guarantee quick turnarounds and high accuracy.

3. High Quality

Our quality control team, along with specialized laboratories, provides product quality assurance from design to mass production. Automated manufacturing processes insure product consistency. Moreover, we implemented a dedicated automated QA system for smart wearable devices to guarantee that each item we produce is of the highest quality. Last but not least, we strictly follow the ISO system, which enables the quality control process to operate more efficiently.

4. Competitive Price

Our automated system dramatically increases production efficiency and reduces the processing cost. The high-level quality control management system reduces the defect rate and enables yields that are much higher than the market average so that we can provide you with a competitive price.

As the leading OEM in the world, we will follow our consistent and high-standard service to provide you with the highest quality products and the best customer service.