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E-Services Group has been operating in the global E-Commerce market since 2002. We have a track record of pioneering innovative solutions across the globe, and focus on helping brands to increase their online sales. We are headquartered in Hong Kong, with presence throughout Asia, Europe, Australia and the USA.

Our Services

E-Services Group (ESG) is the leading independent cross-border B2B eCommerce transaction-based platform in Asia. Our in-depth knowledge of the global eCommerce landscape, combined with our unmatched global reach through own sites and network of regional eCommerce Marketplaces provides a one-stop-shop for all of your eCommerce needs.

ESG Services

  • Accelerator

    Drive multi-channel online sales and increase your global footprint by leveraging our unmatched regional marketplace network. Let us do the heavy-lifting and sell across multiple regions without complicated management systems.

  • Managed E-Commerce

    Use our vast experience of selling online across the globe to increase your sales. Mix and match from a selection of services designed to help you grow sales, whether you are looking for a complete website build, a new order processing solution, or assistance in promoting your brand and products into new markets, we are here to help.

  • Logistics-as-a-Service

    If you are looking for a Logistics-as-a-Service partner, ESG Dispatcher could be just what you need. Just deliver your product to one of our warehouses, and we’ll take care of the entire process. Ship cost-effectively to more than 200 countries worldwide, including emerging and hard-to-reach destinations in Russia and South East Asia.

  • Distributor

    We have partnerships throughout the world who are all keen to help brands widen their distribution beyond just their own customer base. Our network includes wholesale, B2B, Bulk and B2C customers operating online and offline to help you get your product into new markets.

Sell Through Marketplaces

Our Accelerator program helps you drive multi-channel online sales and increase your global footprint with little up front investment. Reach more than 250m consumers worldwide through established eCommerce Marketplaces such as Lazada, Rakuten, Priceminister, Amazon, and Ebay. Benefit from our strategic relationships with these platforms to gain access to exclusive promotions and placement opportunities.

Operating stores across the spectrum of these Marketplaces can be extremely time-consuming and requires in-depth technical integration.

Let us do the heavy-lifting for you, simply send us your product catalogue and we will list your products, manage the pricing to maximize sell-through, synchronise inventory across platforms and regions, and we’ll take care of payments, pick pack and dispatch, shipping, customer service and returns.

How Accelerator Works


Harness Our Expertise In Multi-channel Online Sales:
  • Access a huge global audience who are already looking for your product
  • Develop your brand reputation through implied endorsement of the Marketplace
  • Capitalise on the high ratings of ESG branded Marketplace stores which means your product listing is highly visible
  • Local content for local websites
  • Access to promotions and placement opportunities unique to the ESG network
  • Speedy delivery options available
  • Gain immediate product and pricing feedback
  • Buyer reviews provide a rich source of consumer insight

Marketplaces We Work With

Global Marketplaces

Some of our Strategic Promotions on Lazada and Newegg




Sell globally with Expander

Common challenges of expanding sales globally

There are a number of hurdles all eCommerce businesses must overcome in order to achieve profitability on a global scale. Some common challenges faced by our clients include

  • lack of brand recognition
  • lack of language and cultural knowledge of the target market
  • lack of a professional team to handle overseas sales
  • missing international payment options
  • expensive and complex shipping & duties

How we can help

Use Expander to realise the benefits of cross-border eCommerce. Sell directly to consumers in regions, languages and currencies you don’t currently support, and leave to us the full management of your online store with an end-to-end professional service. Expander provides a fully localised online buying experience to maximise conversions in your target markets, ensuring that everyone who visits your website to buy your product, no matter where they are, is able to do just that.

How Expander works


Introducing Dispatcher

Global Logistics-as-a-Service

Efficient logistics is at the heart of everything we do. We know how to manage inventory, the most efficient way to pick and pack, how to choose the best shipping solution, and how to ensure that your products gets into the hands of your customers in great condition.

We currently provide fulfilment services to 195 countries, shipping daily from our state of the art warehouses in Hong Kong, China, West and East Coast USA. Our multi-location warehouses mean that we can help you service your customers from the most cost effective hub.

Interested in using Dispatcher as your Logistics-as-a-Service solution?Contact us to get started or check out some Case Studies.

Crowdfunding Project Fulfillment

If you have a successful crowdfunded project that is now on the path to becoming a full-scale business, congratulations! Now it’s critical for you to start considering how you get your product into your backers hands as cost-effectively as possible.

Regardless of the platform – Kickstarter or Indiegogo, fulfillment is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face in successfully seeing your project to fruition. We’ve seen a staggering number of projects which have fallen at this last and arguably most important hurdle.

E-Services Group is uniquely positioned to help projects like yours to navigate the complex world of logistics smoothly and cost-effectively. Let us handle fulfillment so you can focus your resources on manufacturing and developing a great product.

See How We Can Help

Dispatcher can help you…
The Dispatcher Process

Dispatcher Process


Tap into our existing global distribution network for wholesale, B2B, bulk and B2C sales. Our network consists of long established distributors with extensive local knowledge, and direct access to the most powerful retail channels for electronics, public sector projects, education and airlines.

Our key geographical areas include most of Asia, MENA, Russia, Australia and New Zealand, with strong partnerships with some of the biggest players in the market.

We already work with a great collection of household brands – why not join the club?







Introducing Product Marketing

Successfully marketing a product for an International audience means taking 3 important factors into account:

1. What products are being offered

2. Who is the target audience

3. How does your product stand out from competitor products or services

To help you answer these crucial questions, we have designed a customized set of solutions based on our knowledge and experience with audiences from around the world.


Why Product Marketing can help you drive sales

Our Product Marketing portfolio includes a range of services which will help you develop your brand and package your product to appeal to local audiences. Our team consists of native language speakers with experience in writing creative and targeted content.

Product Marketing services include:

  • Packaging descriptions and manual writing
    Written by native speakers, designed to ensure readability and appeal to local audiences
  • Product descriptions
    Customers need to understand why your product is amazing before they decide to buy. We can help you write creative and detailed descriptions to help you grab your customers’ attention
  • Marketplace Listing
    Adapt your product descriptions to fit the requirements of international Marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Rakuten. We know how to optimize your descriptions to improve your search ranking
  • 360° Images and Video
    High resolution images or video to showcase your product in web listings
  • Brand Identity
    Branding is everything. We can help develop your brand identity to ensure it’s appropriate for an international audience
  • Product Review Videos
    Whether its a short animation or using actors and venues, we can help you script and shoot videos to tell your audience why your product is the best out there
  • Online Advertising Banners
    Our professional design team can help you create a suite of banners to promote your product online, designed with local audience in mind
  • Product Reviews
    Boost product sales in Marketplaces and create SEO links through native language reviews
  • Website: Information Only
    Customers will research your brand and product before making purcahse decisions. Let us help you design and develop a locally adapted website that you can call your own
  • Website: Transactional
    If you need more than a visual platform, we can create a fully functional webstore to sell direct to audience around the world

Digital Marketing

Our in-house digital marketing expertise is extensively used by our eCommerce teams to acquire new customers and drive sales volume. As a Google Certified Partner we are uniquely positioned to provide SEM services across the spectrum of digital marketing services, to help our Managed eCommerce brands raise their awareness and drive traffic.

We are Experts in PPC, Google Shopping, Remarketing, Dynamic Search Ads, Google Analytics and Tag Manager.


Completely outsource your SEM activity:

· Account set-up

· Extensive keyword research

· Ad copy & creative development and testing

· Google Shopping Feed set-up

· Remarketing audiences set-up

· Tracking & analysis

· On-going optimisation