Lynx Huang
Lynx Huang
Project Development Manager at HWTrek Corperation
Taipei, Taiwan
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Company Website: HWTrek Corperation

From 2009 to 2016 , I worked in a key component and consumer products manufacturer in Taiwan , Shanghai and Shenzhen. My main skill is in helping brands to manage their project development in engineering and production. I am especially experienced in the process for manufacturing consumer products and fixture testing.

My passion is to help inventors and creators to realize their dream through matchmaking, project management, cross-function coordination and production risk management

Related Experience

►Project manager 2013~2016

In this role, I coordinated with different departments when managing projects. I was responsible for setting project milestones, and phases, and also helping to estimate and allocate the required resources in order to avoid potential any potential crisis and foresee every contingency. I also managed the RFQ to ensure that the project was managed within budget .I was responsible for the parts forecast and working with the CQS team for complaint cases after NPI. My roles also covered marketing support to local distributors .

► Sales project management 2009 ~2012

I worked with R&D to propose accessories phase-in and was also responsible for controlling the RFQ budget for cable manufacturing and cable assembly projects. This job required me to become adept for communicating manufacturing risks with the brands we we serving before production kicked off. My speciality in this role was crisis management, and I was never afraid of getting my hands dirty by changing facilities or reallocating human resources.