Lydia Li
Lydia Li
Manager at Shenzhen Lixun Products Services Limited
Shenzhen, China
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Shenzhen LCS Compliance Testing Laboratory Ltd., or simply LCS Testing, is a pioneer and innovator in the global third party inspection certification industry. LCS provide global customers with professional, comprehensive, reliable, high-class, one-stop testing and certification services to improve production quality and international competitiveness, and to minimize export risks and reduce the production cost.

LCS has built an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing laboratory, a sagey testing laboratory, and a chemical testing laboratory. Our facilities have been authorized by CNAS with CNAS NO. L4595, and been recognized by UL (No. 100571-492), FCC (No. 899208), TIMCO, SIEMIC, VCCI (No. R-3804 and C-4260), IC (No. 9642A-1), CSA, EMSD (No. ARCB0108), TUV, EMCC, PHOENIX (No. 702681), ITS (No. TMP-098), NEMKO, ECO, CEC. We perform testing of a wide range of products, including information technology appliances, household appliances, lamps, electric tools, radio, television, audio, industrial/scientific/medical appliances, automotive electronics, and wireless products.

In addition, we act as an agent for various certifications for countries around the world, which include electronic products certification, harmful material certification for machinery equipment, medical electronics equipment, automotive electronics, and electronic appliances. These certifications are conducted according the relevant international standards to help producers and exporters to improve the product quality, to quickly obtain appropriate certifications, and enable you to smoothly enter international markets.

LCS laboratories are built according to ISO/IEC 17025. GUIDE 25 and EN45001 under the guidance authoritative of CNAS, UL, TUV. The facilities have adequate testing ability for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and Safety (Safety), wireless communications, chemical, can help customers directly for UL, GS, CB, CE, FCC, SAA, SASO, SONCAP, PSE, EK - mark, E - mark, FDA, VDE, CSA, CCC, etc., enabling clients to quickly obtain multinational certifications.

LCS has helped tens of thousands of companies to obtain certifications for product exports to Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and so on. In addition, LCS has distinct advantages in UL, GS/CB and CSA’s case processing.

We follow the quality policy of “scientific, impartial, accurate, efficient”, which means that we work under strict procedures according to international norms and conventions, national laws and regulations, to provide scientific and impartial approaches to clients and adhere to the principles of confidentiality, to provide quality and efficient services.