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Lucky Zhu
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Shenzhen, China
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Established in July 2002, Emdoor is one of the first high-tech companies to engage in embedded product development. Also Emdoor is one of the largest industrial customization and terminal product solution companies in China. Currently Emdoor has a R&D team of more than two hundred people.

Emdoor is committed to the sustainable development of industry terminal technology. With the professional experience of information and communication, Emdoor provides customers with high-quality industrial tablets whose technologies include NFC, RFID 125 k / 13.56 M / 915 M / 2.4 G, Zigbee/Z - Wave, BeiDou/GPS, 1D/2D barcode, infrared ray, fingerprint recognition, ID Card recognition, and etc.

Emdoor offers competitive industrial tablet solutions and services for consumers from different industries to help them get ahead in the digital society. Currently Emdoor have provided more than 50 industrial customized products which are widely used in the BeiDou, logistics, transportation, education, medical, military, finance, industrial control, advertising and other related industries. And now Emdoor's industrial tablet, IT equipment, solutions, and intelligent terminal has been applied in more than 50 countries and regions around the globe.

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Rugged Tablet I12


Military Standard Quality

I12 meets MIL-STD 810G andIP65 standard. Covered by high strength back plastic, four angles are able toavoid damage if dropping unexpectedly. To be definitely waterproof, allinterfaces are equipped with waterproof plug. With military grade quality, I12is designed for special industries. All the features like dustproof,waterproof, and shockproof make it completely tolerant to extreme temperatureand bad environment.

10.1-inch high-brightnessscreen

I12 is equipped with a 10.1-inch high-brightness screen with there solution up to 1280*800. With blue light filtering and anti-dazzling, I12 is outdoor viewable. Furthermore, the third generation of Corning Gorilla glassbrings super anti-injury performance. What’s more, the special screen is glove touch and water spray capable.

The thinnest large-size rugged tablet

The 22mm thick I12 is very ergonomicwhich weighs only 1kg. Unique back splint design allows users to hold it withjust one hand.

Multi modules, powerful performance

I12 supports 1D / 2D barcodescanner, NFC, RFID, fingerprint recognition and so on. The 1D / 2D barcodescanner can be widely used in logistics, warehouse management and otherindustries. Equipped with RFID/NFC, it’s easy to deal with mobile payment. Andthe fingerprint identification function not only brings security space foruser, but also provides an easy way to collect finger information.

Precise positioning

I12 is equipped with the mostadvanced communication technology, including GPS/BDNS, WiFi 5G+2.4G, Bluetooth4.0 and 3G WCDMA, to provide a more accurate positioning and stable datatransmission with faster processing speed and wider coverage which greatlyfacilitates the exploration, transportation and field operation.

Removable Battery

I12 is equipped with two 10000mAhbatteries. A single charge can provide up to 15 hours of battery life. At thesame time, removable battery design greatly facilitates the field operation oflong time power.

Abundant Accessories

The hand splint designprovides a comfortable grip handle to prevent accidental fall. The magneticinterface on the bottom can match with a keyboard or rechargeable base. And thefull range of interface support (RJ45, 3*USB) is also available. Also I12 has a pen scoop to place the capacitive stylus, which meets the needs of users for drawing and remarking.

Rigorous Tests

I12 breezes through a seriesof strict tests, including high and low temperature test, key life test,surface abrasion test, interface plug test, vibration test, torsion test, and droptest. All the tests create an unimaginable reliable device.

Original Handwriting I10






ID Recognition Tablet I81