Lucien Chen
Lucien Chen
Manager at Dongguan Trangjan Industrial Co., Ltd
Dongguan, China
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Trangjan, our Production Company located here in Dongguan, China, is a manufacturing enterprise which has over 10 yearsprofessional and commercial business success, both in China and abroad.Manufacturing and distributing cables, wiring harnesses as well as related electronics accessories.We can guarantee top quality products that are both high quality in production technology, materials and reliability.

We have adopted advanced international management andtechnology, keeping innovative and continually evolving our Development & Research systems and processes. We also have fully passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification and lSO14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification as well giving you peace of mind for safety and reliability for our product range.

We also have built good reputation and relationships of cooperation with famousclients such as Wal-Mart, Samsung, and Siemens by providing them high qualityproducts and modern production and marketing systems withsufficient and punctual supply. It’s also worth noting that we are one of the earliest authorized manufacturers to product Apple Accessories.

Our main products include:

Multicore data cable|Gleamy USB cable|TPE USB cable|Audio Video cable|Security System cable|AV cable|YPbPr cable|S leadwire|Video cable|Powerbank charge cord|Custom cable|Hot sale data cable|Mobilephone cable|LSFROH cable|DB cable|High speed HDMI cable|Halogen free multicore USB cable|PU spiral cable|VGA cable|RCA cable|Flat USB cable|DVI cable|USB3.0 cable|USB printer cable|SCSI cable|Spiral USB cable|Coiled lan cable|Scart cable|Retractable headphone cable|TPE USB cable|TRVVKVM cable|sensor cable|6.35 receiver cable|Smartwatch data sync power cable|HPCN cable

On the principle of forging ahead and creating a win-win situation,Trangjan will be your strong guarantee for taking advantage ofmarket opportunities, now and in the future, and we look forward to having you as a long term customer and providing you the highest products and quality to increase your bottom line.

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