Lucas Wang
Lucas Wang
CEO at HWTrek Corporation
Taipei, Taiwan
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Company Website: HWTrek Corporation

Key words of me: early stage business, hardware, VC, wireless and business development

1st trial: a manager in RFID business

After years working in a wireless ODM for base stations, wireless access points, bluetooth stuffs and cell phone network, I got the chance to start a new business internally: RFID. It was huge in 2004 around due to the great ambitious of Wal-mart. "To replace the barcode" the dream it is. So, leading this RFID business to be one of the leaders in the reader. Then, I failed to spin off the business due to lack of VC knowledge, so, I want to figure out "why VC won't invest us"

2nd trial: a partner in VC

6 years life in VC leading technology investment, series A mostly in Beijing, Taiwan, and Silicon Valley. Such as LED, RF PA, Sensors, IDC, wireless modules, consumer electronics, projection tech and etc. Hit some wall after sending few companies to Nasdaq and other public market, or M&A, start to think about "why can't I find more deals for Series A"

3rd trial: largest accelerator/incubator

Given the chance of partnership fund, I got access to the largest incubation fund in Beijing, a pure Internet focused. Leveraging my experience in VC and hardware, I were able to help some early stage teams and projects to grow fast and funded. So, learned how good deals from and grow, also, what do they need. Then, start to bring this to Taiwan in 2012. However, the natural limitation of market, we were struggle to seed deals. The other question came out "how to find the resource and leverage the core value"

4th trial: a platform of the need

Lessons learned about "the hidden cost: time". No matter it is money, connections, partners, or channels, they all take tremendous time or manpower to find it and valid it which is often forgotten. So, we came out the idea of a platform to understand the need, facilitate the resource hunting and manage the process: HWTrek. Combining the experience our team has or experienced, we start to align supply chain world, which is the core value offered here in Asia. And, then, make it easier to access by the world with proper management offered. This story goes on up to day!

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