Luc Zhang
Luc Zhang
Marketing at XLOONG
Beijing, China
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Company Website: XLOONG

What is the nature of XLOONG company? Officially set up in May, 2015, XLOONG is a high-tech company specializing in the research, development and sales of intelligent spectacles. A group of young people after the 1980s and 90s are in full swing here. Just like every young power in the world, we would like to exert ourselves to make some little changes to the world and simplify our lives.

About X The logo of XLOONG is an X formed by two magnets that attract each other. Also the spirit symbol for XLOONG and the belief for every X-MAN, it symbolizes our exploration to the unknown, either products or the future. We deeply believe that science and technology can better serve the human: we also hope to have such magic magnets so as to attract more like-minded talents to fight together for common values and ideas.

To "waste" lives on good things Neither love nor life can only be passable. We would like to make a pure product, a brand with its own attitude and a lifestyle with texture, thus bringing more people an easy, convenient and fine-textured lifestyle. Life is so limited that we would only like to “waste” time on good things.

About AR spectacles We would like to overturn our invariable lifestyle and have something special for fun. AR spectacles are the first voice for us to change our lives. We would like to bring you convenience with this product and free your hands, enabling you to be connected to the world anytime and anywhere. We have elaborately designed every detail of the product for the sole purpose of providing you with a product that is not just passable.

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