Liyuan Luo
Liyuan Luo
Manager at Shenzhen Nanbo Automation Equipments Co., Ltd
Shenzhen, China
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ABOUT Shenzhen Nahbo Automation Equipments:

Shenzhen Nanbo Automation Equipments Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen in 2001, and engages in the business of peripheral consumption materials and auxiliary equipments of automated inserters and SMT placement machines. It specializes in manufacturing, improving and re-producing AI/SMT cutters, nozzles and the precise parts/components of various machines.

The company has complete equipments and well-trained staff as well as many professional engineers who have professional technical training experience in Japan and Singapore, they have many years of experience in design, R&D and manufacture of machines. Some of our products and all cutters are made from the Sweden powder metallurgy high speed steel or US alloy, which feature high strength, good flexibility, excellent shock resistance and durability. Nanbo uses the imported materials and production crafts to ensure good product quality and punctual delivery, which has made the company highly regarded by its customers.


Automation Equipment PCB Assembly


Auto Inspection/AI Part:



Scope of business:

  1. Manufacture and reproduction of the fittings, test needle bars and probes of PANASERT, UNIVERSAL, TDK, DYNAPERT, KME, JUKI, FUJI, YAMAHA and PANASONIC, etc.
  2. Buying, installing, debugging, repairing and technical training of secondhand AI/SMT machines.
  3. Repair and maintenance of AI inserters, CPU control boxes and drive board cards, etc.
  4. Sales of SMT solder paste, red glue and other affiliated consumption materials.
  5. Manufacturing of high precision non-standard parts and special-shaped complex metallic parts (the precision is up to 0.005mm).