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ECG solution

For wearable devices provide ecg and blood pressure and other solutions

Wakeup (MCG) of science and technology of ecg and blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen sensor has been widely used in health, entertainment, education, health care and other products.

The sensor

Our core technology is the bioelectricity sensors

Bioelectricity sensor epic known state of body

Our bioelectricity sensor can capture the electrical signals from the body and heart, after digital signal processing, the output accurate, detailed information related to human body.Our products have been widely applied to various

EEG solution

Release the healthy power

Insight into the human body function, release the healthy power

By monitoring activities, can understand the physical health status.Micrograms of blood pressure sensor can be used to detect a person's blood pressure, blood pressure so many products, such as bracelets, bluetooth headset can sense a person's blood pressure fluctuations, not only can be

Protect heart health

Protect heart health anytime and anywhere, make heart monitoring products

Micrograms of ecg technology is the core technology of the wearable devices, including bracelets, watches, mobile phone accessories, ring and clothes, products can be embedded in our ecg sensors, so they can be accurately detected people various indicators of heart, after dealing with the quantit