Lisa Ma
Lisa Ma
Sales Manager at Jinan USR IOT Technology Limited
Jinan, China
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ABOUT Jinan USR IOT Technology:

Jinan USR IOT Technology Limited has been focusing on IOT and M2M field for more than 6 years. We offer networking products such as serial device server,Ethernet to serial, GPRS DTU and embedded WIFI module.We have professional R&D teams for hardware and software, phone APP and server. And we can provide OEM & ODM service for clients.

Our company can provide all-round products and services related to networking control from embedded hardware and software to host computer software, server and APP development. So far, our products have been successfully applied to the following projects:tower crane monitoring system,air medical project, ATM monitoring and control system and shipping monitoring and control system.Our company has rich experience in system solutions such as smart home system, intelligence fire, agricultural network,temperature and humidity acquisition, industrial control, attendance, entrance guard system,remote control and RFID wireless signal forwarding.

Jinan LonHand Household Limited, a subsidiary of Jinan USR IOT Technology Limited ,was established in 2012. It will provide professional remote monitoring and control system for our clients.In the same year, USR Technology began to develop B2B business and became an audited supplier of Alibaba China, Alibaba International, Made-in-China and Global Source.Now our sales network spread all over Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, America, Africa and other regions around the world. In addition, USR Technology developed B2C platforms such as Tmall,Taobao, Aliexpress and Ebay. In 2014, USR Technology set up an office in Shenzhen, which is a significant step for developing Shenzhen market and offline marketing.


M2M Series

Cellular Modems and Modules for M2M

USR IOT M2M series mainly provides mobile communications technology using wireless serial device. Including 2G (GSM/GPRS), 3G (WCDMA), 4G (FDD-LTE) and other communication technologies, covering a variety of wireless network transmission rate.

In terms of functionality, all modules and MODEMS supports transparent transmission, parameter setting is simple, stable and very easy to use, choose according to the transmission speed.

Industrial 4G Routers,TD-LTE and FDD-LTE Network



Industrial 4G Routers,TD-LTE and FDD-LTE Network

USR-G800-42 is a 4G wireless router,which provides a solution for user's device to access 4G network.

4G (LTE) integrated

1 RS232 Serial port supporting auto 10/100M Ethernet

1 WAN port and 4 LAN port

Wireless N speeds of up to 300Mbps

insert a SIM card and turn it on to enjoy high speed internet access

GPRS Module


Low Power Gsm Modules, Small GPRS Modems


USR-GM3 is highly-integrated UART to GSM/GPRS module, Users can easily make communication with it among serial device,cellphone and network device.

SMD Type

Built-in SIM Card

Operation temperature Range of -25° ~85°

Quad-Band GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Serial to Ethernet

Serial to Ethernet via TCP / IP Ethernet with any number, there is no built-in network port to connect serial devices. USR IOT provides serial-to-Ethernet module and serial devices servers applications in a variety of industrial scene.

Modbus to Ethernet Converters


RS232 RS485 to Ethernet Serial Devce Servers, Modbus to Ethernet Converters


USR-TCP232-410S is a dual serial server, which supports rs232 & rs485 working at the same time.

1 RS232 serial port and 1 RS485 serial port

Wide range Low Voltage of 5-36v DC

Protection: RS485: anti-static 2KV, lighting protecting

Industrial Super Port Serial TTL UART to Ethernet Module High Performance


Industrial Super Port Serial TTL UART to Ethernet Module High Performance


USR-K3 is an embedded serial networking module,whose function is to realize bidirectional transparent transmission between TTL and Ethernet.

1 TTL Serial Ports Supporting Data Rates of up to 1024Kbps

Operation temperature Range of -40° ~85℃

Support serial configure protocol, network configure protocel and WEB page configure

Serial to WiFi

Industrial Low Power TI CC3200 Wifi Modules with On-board/External Antenna


USR-C322 is a wifi module released by USR IOT,which has the features of minisize,low power and industry-grade.

TI CC3200 Chip

2 TTL Serial Ports Supporting Data Rates of up to 3Mbps

Average low power of 3.5mA

Iot Wifi Modules


Iot Wifi Modules, Tiny Size


USR-C215 wifi module integrates MAC,baseband chip and RF transceiver unit.USR-C215 supports WiFi protocol and TCP/IP protocol.Users can realize uart device netwroking via simple configuration.

PIN Type

1 TTL Serial Ports Supporting Data Rates of up to 460.8Kbps

3 simultaneous client connections to Soft AP interface

Bluetooth Module

As a wireless technology standard, bluetooth has low power consumption, high security, networking and simple, suitable for short-range wireless transmission. USR IOT provides industrial grade serial Bluetooth modules, stand by Bluetooth v4.1 protocol (compatible with Bluetooth v4.0), which could carry MCU with serial devices or wireless transparent data transmission. Feature-rich Bluetooth module, support from the main body, power detection, encrypted transmission, Mesh networking, iBeacon agreement.

USR IOT Bluetooth modules have advantage of low power consumption, perfect for battery application son the device. Two low energy Bluetooth modules, can be selected according to size.

Ble Modules


Low Energy Ble Modules Mesh/iBeacon


USR-BLE100 is an ultra-low power V4.1 bluetooth module.It is used for point-to-point data transparent transmission.

SMD Type

Ble4.1 protocol

Operation temperature Range of -40℃ ~85℃

Low Energy Serial Bluetooth Modules


Low Energy Serial Bluetooth Modules, Master and Slave Mode


USR-BLE101 is an ultra-low power V4.1 bluetooth module.It is based on tiny packaging of 10mm x 10mm,thus,it is easier to embed into user's device.

SMD Type

Extremely small footprint

Operation temperature Range of -40℃ ~85℃