Lisa Hsu
Lisa Hsu
Marketing Deputy Manager at ProLogium Technology Co., Ltd.
New Taipei, Taiwan
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ABOUT ProLogium (PLG):

  • ProLogium Technology (Pro- Prolong- Logi- ium) (PLG)
  • Establishment Time: Oct 3rd, 2006
  • Location: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Technologies: 100% ProLogium(PLG) owned
  • Main Product & Core Technology: Solid-state Lithium Ceramic Battery (LCB)

ProLogium(PLG) is a Lithium battery cell maker who invented the worldwide first ultra-thin, bendable/flexible, high capacity solid-state Lithium battery cell that never fire or explode.

From estalished on Oct 3rd, 2006, PLG has been creating its uniqe core technology, LCB independently and announced it's first product, FLCB(FPC Lithium Ceramic Battery) in 2012 Battery Japan. Mass production and selling from 2013/Q4.

This uniqe core technology, solid-state LCB, can be adapted to many different materials for different need. At this moment, we have already 2 LCB family products on selling (FLCB & PLCB) and 1 more under developement (ELCB).

Till March, 2015, PLG already has 53 patents in USA, Japan, south Korea, China, Europe, and Taiwan.


LCB (Lithium Ceramic Battery) is the core technology of ProLogium. It is a solid-state Lithium battery cell system which adapts incombustible electrolyte instead of flamable liquid/jelly one on conventional polymer battery cells. So there is no leakage, no fire, and no explosion even after punching, hitting, folding, penetrating, cutting, or burning.

Except high safety, LCB also provides high power.

Compare to all global solid-state Lithium battery cells, LCB has 12 times bigger power than any others. It conquered the natrual physics theory limitation of "high inner rsistance of solid-state" and gives good electrical performance almost like general liquid battery cell does, such as discharging rate capability, charging time...


1. FLCB(FPC Lithium Ceramic Battery)-

FLCB, a LCB with FPC(Flexible Printed Circuit) packaging material. (-- mass production in 2013/E)

  • Ultra-thin. Thickness : 0.38mm.
  • Flexible (bendable).
  • Even able to be rolled like a "tubular" for small/ tubular devices application.
  • Able to be injection molded with TPR/TPE... as a band battery for applications like smart watch.
  • Outside stacking to increase the total capacity.
  • Especially suitable for wearable application, ultra-safe-need applicatio.

2. PLCB(Pouch Type- Lithium Ceramic Battery)-

PLCB, a LCB with Aluminium packaging foil pouch. (-- mass production in 2014/E)

  • Higher capacity version.
  • Thickness: 1-2mm.
  • Can be curved.
  • Inner stacking to increase the capacity.
  • Especially good for consumer accessory application.

3. ELCB(High Energy Type- Lithium Ceramic Battery)-

ELCB, a Lithium Metal anode system of LCB. (-- under developement now and expected in 2016/E)

  • Energy Density : 750-850Wh/L (Li-polymer battery cell: 500-620Wh/L)