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Linda Zhang
Project Manager at AQS Inc.
Shenzhen, China
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We are an US based EMS company and have been over 25 years for EMS business. we have facilities in both China( 500 employees in Dong Guan) and USA ( 300 employees in Silicon Valley). we are very flexible to support any business without MOQ rules. we have 18 PM with skilled English for western startups. we have enough experiences to support customers. we have enough engineering network to provide solution for technical challenges. We are a service oriented company and we could provide various kinds of service like Engineering service, Sourcing, Tooing for metal and plastic, package design, PCBA, Aseembly, DFM, certifications,Document support and Logistic, etc.

About AQS

Since 1991, Your One-Stop Engineering, Prototyping, and Manufacturing Solution.

AQS has been a part of the Silicon Valley community for over 20 years, growing from our initial location in San Jose, to our current 80,000 square foot facility in Fremont. We have evolved into a provider of turn-key electronics manufacturing and engineering solutions, from design to prototyping to mass production. With our diversified areas of expertise, global resources, proven processes, and skilled employees, we have positioned ourselves to provide the best value manufacturing and engineering support.

Our partners value AQS’s flexibility, adaptability, and high standards. As your partner, our pride and sense of ownership will follow your product through development, production, and into the market.


Medical Devices








AQS’s experienced engineering and design team gives our customers the competitive advantage they need. We provide superior quality production with a guarantee that each product will be differentiated from competitors; rewarding our clients with the leverage required to assert and standout in a competitive market. AQS will help minimize the risks of time to market and cost. We provide an extensive range of turn-key, joint design, and engineering services that complement our full system and integrated manufacturing solutions. We offer access to new qualified technologies, design, process optimization, and testing. Our engineering and design teams aim is to accelerate products to market without sacrificing quality and delivery schedule by being involved at every stage of design cycle from concept to end-of life.


AQS has been providing customers with over 25 years of experience in PCB Assembly with a proven process and full range of services. AQS’s recognized capabilities including:

  • PCB layout, BOM creation.
  • Firmware/Software development
  • Component engineering for EOL item
  • Hardware development
  • RF design



When it comes to the customization of products, an experienced trustworthy partner is needed to provide the solutions required to make the process run smoothly. Our mechanical design services feature:

  • Mechanical design
  • 3D printing, CNC
  • Soft and hard tooling
  • Injection molding
  • Redesign
  • Material/Component selection
  • Parts procurement



Since 1991, AQS has offered innovative manufacturing solutions to customers. With over 25 years of accumulated experience in manufacturing, we proudly serve our customers in improving their design and manufacturing. We take rough sketch designs and build them up from concept to commercialization using our advanced resources and knowledgeable team. Our experience in analysis, testing, and concept modeling provides all of our clients with the solutions needed to turn the vision into a tangible product. Our DFM, DFT & DFA services for PCBA and Mechanical Assembly will:

  • Reduce failure rate (bone pile)
  • Improved yield of mechanical part
  • Improve process time



AQS provides advanced manufacturing techniques that increase the performance and quality of the customer’s product. We have partnered with top tier companies to support their products and deliver them to market successfully. By offering end to end integrated manufacturing services, our customers obtain the benefits of supply chain consolidation, consistent manufacturing efficiency and lowered costs. AQS’s global facilities provides us with the competitive advantage by adding a wide-range of manufacturing solutions that make us the premier one stop shop for our customers manufacturing needs.


From getting involved in design to concept logistics our one-stop solution helps customers manage complexity in a fast moving market. Quick turn prototyping and NPI services with no limits on quantity provides the much needed flexibility to produce the best product possible. Our operational knowledge across numerous industries permits clientele to reduce working capital in a number of ways. AQS excels at taking conceptual designs and transforming them into tangible quality products. We incorporate turn-key and consigned solutions to maintain convenience for our customers and simplifying the complex process of component sourcing.


Assembling PCB’s for prototyping & mass production for over 25 years has been a specialty for AQS. Our PCBA team can support NPI prototypes to mass production. We are flexible in modifying PCB’s to your exact qualification whether it is single or complex multiple layered boards, we have the solution to all PCBA needs. Our state of the art technology and global facilities give us the capabilities to take on any volume of work. Key technical milestones at AQS include:

POP process

Able to process 01005, 3 mil micro BGA, AQFN

Board with size 27x24

BGA & micro BGA (ball grid array)

QFP, QFN, & AQFN (advanced quad flat no-leads)

RoHS/Non-RoHS compliant assembly

Clean or no clean process

Mixed technologies (through-hole and SMT)

100% Material procurement, 100% consigned material management, or hybrid



Using AQS’s complete box build and mechanical assembling services will cut time to market while building a complete product ready for market and shelves. We have assembled products for a wide variety of industry sectors such as consumer electronics, medical, industrial, telecommunications, broadcasting, life science, optics and audio/video. In addition to our full mechanical assembly services AQS can provide enclosures, electrical testing, burn-in, package design and direct shipping to our end users. We take it upon ourselves to leave all of our customers satisfied and confident in their new high quality products. AQS’s NPI to EMS transition plan will identify and resolve any issues from quality to processing, thus resulting in a lower assembly cost. Our Assembly services include:

Material procurement

Consigned material management

Plastic or metal enclosure

Complex final assembly

Encapsulation and conformal coating

Functional testing and QA

Environmental stress screening

Burn-in testing

Labeling and bar coding


Documentation inclusion




Learning from mistakes and fixing them are very important in the production process. So we incorporate failure review/analysis of each production lot yielding constant improvement of quality and boosting value. AQS uses a manufacturing execution system to ensure the manufacturing process runs smoothly and reinforce your products quality reducing the risk for failure.



With over 25 years of experience in manufacturing, AQS has assembled an expert team of engineers with the goal of providing the best service available in the Silicon Valley. We have evolved over the years and expanded our capabilities. AQS offers services such as:

System assembly

Box build


POP process


Packaging design and retail packaging

TQM- total quality management

Electrical/Mechanical engineering support


Supply chain management

Documentation support

We pride ourselves on our versatility and capabilities. Our global presence in the USA & Asia promotes growth and flexibility for our clientele. AQS is your one stop solution for any of your manufacturing needs.


AQS leverages our extensive knowledge of what works in the manufacturing world to design and test solutions that meet the specific requirements. We provide reliability testing, test fixtures, hardware/software testing, inspection and qualification capabilities upon customer’s request. Our testing services will catch any bug or problem, giving our customers the competitive advantage of having a fully functional product ready for market.


Solder paste inspection, AOI, X-ray, ICT


Functional test, in-circuit test, design for test fixture, design under test, flying probe


Destructive inspection (SEM: scanning electron microscope), Chemical composition

RMA/Rework Service



AQS engineering services transforms concepts into quality products. Supporting both start-ups and top tier companies we have built a strong reputation as having one of the top engineering teams in the Silicon Valley. Our engineers drive the quality system & control processes, which increases reliability and consistent lots. Our mechanical and electrical engineering resources in the USA and Asia enable us to support customers from prototyping to mass production solutions. We aim to accelerate your speed-to-market and boost each products quality while reducing costs. Our innovative engineering solutions include:

Software/Hardware engineering

Reverse engineering

Electrical/Mechanical engineering

Sustaining engineering

NPI engineering

Value engineering



AQS applies time-tested expertise, smart processing and a global network to your supply chain for optimal results. Our proven capabilities to deliver high visibility will assist and complement our clients in making an informed decision in real time and focus on moving forward. From vendor management to shipping, let us handle the hassle of expensive integrations that eat up your bottom line. We implement our “Just in time” production strategy that will reduce the in-process inventory and any associated carrying costs for each project.



AQS’s logistics and fulfillment services simplifies and eliminates the problems and struggles of getting products to market within the constraints of difficult cost structures, complex diverse sectors and geographies. AQS’s fulfillment and distribution solutions gain improved supply chain visibility and accelerate the product to market faster.


Our web-based fulfillment system provides real-time global shipment visibility across major carriers. From inventory management to reverse logistics, our fulfillment service maximizes your performance of operations while reducing inventories and capital investment. Our quality cost effective shipping capabilities will deliver the final goods to wherever our customers need across the world via air, sea, and ground. For many years now AQS has been contracted with industry leading delivery companies, giving us the competitive savings that will give our customers the best price available.



Managing global shipping is complex business. AQS’s global shipping solutions enable our clientele to plan and execute optimized operations. It is important that our customers receive their product on time to meet strict deadlines. With great sourcing in China, South Korea, Taiwan and USA we assure that the product will get to our customers on time every time. We provide value for our customer’s dollar so when they use our shipping services they receive drop & reverse shipping solutions as well as RMA & rework services for their products. Our customers have access to the information they need, when they need it and in the right format to ensure on time delivery every time.