Linda Lei
Linda Lei
Sales Manager at Shenzhen SpreadView Century Technology Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen, China
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Shenzhen SpreadView Century Technology Co., Ltd is an innovative high-tech company that specializes in the research, manufacture, and sales of the Pico Projector product series. Established in 2010, SpreadView Century works closely with Texas Instruments and the government of Shenzhen City.

Since its inception, SpreadView Century follows the vision of “the best professor, skill, management and service” and treats technicians as the heart of the company. We have a dedicated team that master in optical, electronic, mechanical, automatic precision, photo processing, and telecommunication. SpreadView Century has obtained more than twenty domestic and international innovation patents.

In order to push the development of the industry, SpreadView Century has been built strategic relationships with a number of well-known international companies, and we are recognized as an active developer and initiator in the Chinese United Group of HD Projector industry. SpreadView Century strictly adhere to the ISO9000:2001 Quality management system in order to ensure that our production process efficiently provides our clients with products of the highest quality.

For the future, we are intensifying our focus on collaboration with our partners and clients, as well as further developing the Pico Projectors.