Li Yang
Li Yang
Sales Manager at Shenzhen Yong Xu Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen, China
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Shenzhen Yong Xu Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., established in March 2003 and located in Shenzhen Baoan COFCO Property Group Center Building, Third District with offices in Hong Kong, is a company dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for the semiconductor lighting and industrial customers technical sales-oriented enterprises.

Since its inception, has made the United States into the core semiconductor ISSI, Taiwan Macroblock MBI, Taiwan Nuvoton NUVOTON, the United States AEM, USA, Thailand and Germany TECHCODE, Shanghai good letter Electric Co. NADER, Hai-peng letter Electronics Corp. HPXIN, Taiwan Heng Yi WELINK duly authorized agents and other companies.

The company has extensive experience in product design and application solutions in automotive communications, audio, instrumentation, home intelligent control, power, stage lighting, LED lighting control and drive areas. We've also served customers in the communications, new energy photovoltaic, industrial, real estate and other industries.

We drive power in LED, stage lighting control, lightning protection technology, intelligent home control and other fields, in which we have many years experience in product sales. In excellent customer lighting, stage lighting, automobile, railway, electricity, toys and other industries we've maintained long-term collaborative relationships.


Calorimeter plan: Leading field low power loss plan

Plan introduction

New Tang hot table programme main control chip for Nano112 micro-controller, has LCD drive, and support Ext-C mode, for leadership first operating territories of low power solution programme; Nano112 micro-controller except low power outside, also has many features, as ACMP support single-slop ADC, convenient customer measurement temperature; CLKO introduction feet design can output crystal vibration,; New Tang technology and for customer build full design platform, assist accelerated customer development speed

Plan construction chart


The solar energy light bends down the system anti-radar plan

Air blower power tower system protection plan

Security monitoring and control system for surge protection configuration scheme

Miniature printer plan: Function complete, easy re-development

Plan introduction

The new Tang miniature printer plan uses ARM® Cortex®-M4 NUC505 / Cortex®-M0 the NUC123 micro controller, supports the multi-dimensional transmission mode, contains the blue tooth, the RS-232 serial port, the network, USB printer class and so on, and supports the ethernet information correspondence and the data transmission; Has lacks functions and so on paper examination and superheat protection circuit; Provides the reference source code, the convenient customer easy to carry on the re-development.

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LED street light anti-radar solution


Charging piles lightning protection solutions


The intelligence touches controls the plan

Smart touch solutions: depends on NT08XX on small home appliance becomes large

Plan introduction

The new Tang science and technology intelligence small household electrical appliances plan uses Touch Key the IC series, this series product assistance customer replaces the original traditional pressed key directly, does not need the extra revision master control single chip and the software, is relaxed immediately promotes for touches controls the pressed key plan.Touch Key the IC series contains 6/ 8 touch controls the pressed key, 6/ 8 outputs, 4 8 character nixietube functions and so on driving force, I2C connection; In addition, has the field to contend with the anti-noise jamming ability with difficulty, through the strict temperature (- 40°C ~ 85°C) with the humidity (1%~99%) test, in the handset telephone conversation, the intercom communication, the T5 daylight lamp with splashes water/Disturbance test the water puddle also has the outstanding performance.

Plan construction chart