Lena Zhang
Lena Zhang
Sales Manager at Zhongshan Legu Intelligent Technology Co.Ltd
Zhongshan, China
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Zhongshan LEGU hardware products Co. Ltd., located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta, is a great revolutionary forerunner Dr. Sun Yat Sen's hometown - "China hardware manufacturing base," said Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City. Zhongshan City Lok solid metal products Co., Ltd. set product design, development, production, sales in one. Rich experience in metal production and processing, with a variety of supporting production lines; can complete the independent control of the quality of the strength of enterprises. And the introduction of foreign advanced production equipment and production technology, the use of modern management mode, and the full implementation of ISO9001 quality system certification. Company production of European style mortise lock, marble in lock core, the series of sanitary handle lock, the series of door lock, stainless steel series, copper series in lock core, spherical door lock series, gating hardware series, furniture hardware, door supporting hardware series, bathroom hardware series, intelligent hotel lock. The company set lock for years of professional manufacturing experience in the production of "solid" brand locks, sophisticated technology, strong and durable, elegant appearance. In order to users can use a more perfect products, we close to the trend of the times, according to the new design concept, once again the implementation of novel structure, stable and reliable performance of the new series of products; complete with decorative function and aesthetic feeling, bring the enjoyment of high quality, the high grade decoration market, to meet the needs of users.



Zinc alloy lock

Copper lock

Stainless steel lock

Intelligent lock

Ball lock, three bar lock

Electronic door lock

Grand door lock

Three section rail

Glass door lock

Three level lock

Gated hardware

Furniture hardware

Door hardware

Bathroom hardware/Faucet

Optical fingerprint head Fingerprint password induction card password + induction card Door lock


Electronic Door locks


Stainless Steel Door lock


Cooper Door lock