Lemon Xiao
Lemon Xiao
Sales Manager at Beijing DWIN Technology Co., Ltd.
Beijing, China
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Beijing DWIN Technology Co., Ltd. is a world-leading high-tech industrial automation enterprise which is dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and sales of UART LCM.

The head office of DWIN is located in the core area of China’s “Silicon Valley”—Zhong Guan Cun. The company has set up offices in many provinces of China (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Wuhan etc.), established the effective sales channels and branches in Northern Europe, America, India, Turkey, Brazil and Korea.

The manufacturing center of the company is seated at DWIN Hunan Technology Park covering 28000 ㎡. The manufacturing centers are equipped with high cleanliness assembly lines, quality improvement centers, laboratories and aging test workshops. A 4500-square-metre Application Support Center has been built in Guangzhou for providing technical support.

Established in 2003, DWIN advocates its operation philosophy of “Professional, Creditable, and Successful”. The company believes that only by creating value for the clients, could DWIN realize its idea of “Double win”, and therefore could meet its need to grow and expand.

Relying on the competitive advantage of its product in function, quality, service and price, DWIN plays a major role in the market of Industrial UART LCM, especially in the market of the construction machinery, healthcare instrument, and electronic equipment for export, which are products focused on high reliability. As a result, DWIN has already won the trust and support from clients like SANY Group, GE and SIEMENS.

Creating value for the clients is DWIN’s belief; Technology innovation is DWIN’s focus; “Double Win” and mutual development are DWIN’s spirit!



DGUS® (DWIN Graphic Utilized Software) is a new GUI software platform developed by DWIN Technology, Based on the K600+ kernel hardware platform, GUI design, combined with a simple command interface, can be achieved quickly, eliminating the need for complicated programming and expensive development environments. Both parameters and operation were configured and pre-installed in advance via PC software.

Unlike the traditional LCMs, which adopted commands-oriented or timing sequence to manage GUI, DGUS LCMs performed based on real-time variables with programmable file configured, transmitting via UART or SD card. Such functions as touch input, pop-up window, slider, incremental adjustments etc. and variable display as variable icon, word-art, curve, timer can be done by full graphical design.


Android LCMs

Android LCMs