Lauren Van Heerden
Lauren Van Heerden
Project Manager at Makers Origin
Shenzhen, China
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Makers Origin is a revolutionary and innovative enterprise that specializes in

delivering end-to-end professional consultations and services to assist all

budding entrepreneurs and technopreneurs to move forward closer in realizing

their wildest dreams. We offer solutions for addressing the common problems

that entrepreneurs face during the whole

product development cycle of transforming the original idea into reality.

These include various phases such as

originality, research and development, manufacturing,

supply chain, marketing, sales and distribution channels and last but not least, financial support.

We invite a group of front line dreamers encompassed with

positive energy and aspiration.

They dare to dream, and dare to fail; notwithstanding that they also

dare to succeed. With their courageous attitude, they climb

beyond the scientific limits, attempting to make breakthroughs along their ascent.

There could be many innovative ideas, but finding the right partner can quickly jump start it into reality.

To realize your dream of launching your fabulous products to consumers worldwide,

do not hesitate to contact

us directly at Email:

Let's work together for a better future.

Successful Case


Indiegogo + Brookstone Win-win Collaboration

Great representation for State-of-Art development

"The Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones evolved from an extraordinary idea by Axent Wear co-founders Wenqing Yan and Victoria Hu. Their Indiegogo campaign raised more than $3.4 million in backer funding. Brookstone assisted with product engineering, manufacturing, packaging and distribution, and is currently launching the product worldwide through retail and wholesale channels. As of now, Brookstone has been developing the second generation

of the Cat Ear Headphones and will be conducting its mass

production soon."

This collaboration has proven to be a successful win-win-win case between Brookstone, Indiegogo and the inventors. Moreover, it has created a new O2O business model to meet the envolving consumer shopping habits. In addition, it enjoys tremendous economies of scale via the complete range of sales and distribution channels. This is pivotal in bringing the crowd-funded products to a level of highly scalable sales channels through the online and offline business models.


Makers Origin has successfully helped “Airpi VR Panoramic Camera 720” launched in CES

The Airpi VR camera, powered by PI Software, is a series of portable VR terminals that include panoramic shootings, recordings and streaming media.

Airpi can collectively achieve a maximum of 60 FPS, and collection and transmission of the 4K high-definition 720° VR video content. Individual users can consolidate and realize the elegant panoramic content collection using equipment such as a selfie stick, exercise helmet, unmanned aviation vehicle and unmanned ship via built-in multi-modal interfaces. Additionally, it can simultaneously share the captured video content on popular social media platforms. The end-users of the content platforms can also pinpoint or collect the remote VR content in a mobile manner, relentlessly and continuously delivering virtual travel and cultural content. (including remote travel, VR entertainment "Live Broadcasting", live soccer matches and even intriguing events) The next generation of Airpi2 is an upgraded version incorporating the binocular algorithm methodology. On top of that, it offers and delivers engrossing 3D plus VR experiences in deep panoramic effects that are most suitable to be deployed in movie production and interactive entertainment programs.