Laura Yip
Laura Yip
Marketing Executive at Avantec
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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Company Website: Avantec

Avantec Manufacturing Limited was founded in 1983. We specialize in designing and manufacturing telecom and VoIP products. The company’s headquarter is located in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, with an area of 1,120M2. This owned property hosts 40 staffs from R&D, Marketing, Shipping, Purchasing and Accounting Departments. Our products are distributed worldwide for years with CE, FCC, PTT and ROHS approvals.We have a representative office and product development center in downtown Shenzhen

Avantec now manufactures different telecom products as listed below:

Caller ID Phone, Display Phone, Full Feature Phone, Trim-line Phone, Hotel Phone

DECT Phone with TAD/ SMS, DECT PABX, DECT Repeater, 2.4GHz Wireless PBX

IP Keyline PABX, IP PBX, VoIP Phone, IP DECT Phone, USB Phone

GSM DECT Phone, GSM Fixed Wireless Phone, GSM Gateway

ISDN Phone, ISDN Analog Adapter

We also work for customers on OEM projects. We have different R&D teams responsible for product design, software / PCB / tooling development and product approvals. We follow the rapid technology change and provide the products meeting customer’s expectation and requirements.

Avantec's product quality is well proven worldwide and our success is attributed to the following reasons:

Experience in telecom approvals

Strong R&D teams

Investment in new technology and production facilities

Continuous new product development

Outstanding product design

Effective production system

Stringent quality control system

Fast delivery schedule

With the abundant experience in this industry, our expertise is guaranteed. We are confident in providing you with innovative products meeting your requirements and in high quality. We are definitely looking forward to establishing a long term business partnership with you!






Wi-Fi Router



PSTN Corded Phone

Education Products

Interactive Whiteboard

Multi-Touch Panel

Mobile Writepad

Student Resp. System

Document Camera

EMS Service

Product Engineering

Manufacturing Service

Product Design Service