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PERMA Tech Co., Ltd. is a professional battery pack provider,specializing in design and manufacture of various battery packs in chemistries of Li-ion, Li-Po, LiFePO4, NiMH, Alkaline and primary Lithium. PERMA Tech Co., Ltd. provide a complete source of high quality custom battery systems, from design to prototyping to manufacturing. We are highly focused on delivering high-performance battery packs custom designed to meet stringent quality requirements and tight production schedules.


Rechargeable Batteries

LiPo Battery

Lithium Polymer Batteries have become common in single-cell consumer applications like cell phones, blue tooth devices and GPS trackers, but industrial and commercial applications are now putting them to good use as well. The thin and custom shaped cells are now used in large, complex battery packs.


Li-ion Battery

Lithium ion (Li-ion) battery with the features of high energy density, high capacity, light weight and high power. The voltage of cylindrical type is 3.7V and button type is 3.6V. Li-ion batteries are one of the most popular types of rechargeable battery for portable electronics, as its best energy densities, no memory effect, and with a slow loss of charge when not in use.


Li-FePO4 Battery

Lithium iron phosphate (Li-FePO4 battery) is a type of rechargeable battery with the nominal voltage of 3.2V per cell. Because of its non-toxicity, high abundance of iron, excellent thermal stability, safety characteristics, good electrochemical performance, long cycle life and high specific capacity, it is widely used in electric vehicles.


Ni-MH Battery

Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery is a kind of rechargeable battery with nominal voltage of 1.2V, which has three types: cylindrical, prismatic and button-type.

Ni-MH batteries are designed to meet the requirement for increasingly higher levels of energy demanded by nowadays electronic products.


Li-SOCL2 Battery

Lithium Thionyl Chloride(Li-SOCl2) Battery has high energy density, and its nominal voltage is 3.6V. Bobbin structure is best suitable for low current discharge and spiral structure is suitable for high current discharge.


Li-MnO2 Battery

Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2) is a high-reliability and lightweight battery with an operating voltage of 3V. And it has the ability to operate in a wide temperature range. It has a wide range of applications, both for powering devices, security equipments and can be used most types of electronic devices.


Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline Manganese Dioxide cells and Alkaline battery packs, have many advantages over zinc-carbon cells including higher energy output. Other significant advantages of Alkaline batteries are longer shelf life, better leakage resistance, and superior low temperature performance. In comparison to the zinc-carbon cell, the Alkaline cell delivers up to ten times the ampere-hour capacity at high and continuous drain conditions, with its performance at low temperatures also being superior to other conventional aqueous electrolyte primary cells. Its more effective, secure seal provides excellent resistance to leakage and corrosion.

There have been major improvements in Alkaline cell performance over the decades. These improvements have been a result of changes in packaging and manufacturing techniques rather than any improvements to the basic chemical system.In the past, alkaline batteries were made with complex sealing systems and thick steel outer cases and end caps. During the 1980s, a method was developed that allowed manufacturers to use thinner packaging materials and more efficient seals. More room was created for active materials within a given standard cell size, and that increased capacity.


Battery Chargers

PERMA Battery Co., Ltd. offer a comprehensive range of battery charging solutions. Please Contact Us about your requirements, we will be able to recommend either a customized or off the shelf standard charging solution for your rechargeable battery packs.


Battery Manage Modules

To protect our rechargeable battery packs from over charge,over discharge,over circuit,short circuit etc., the protection circuit board can be tailor made for each battery, accoding to the required electrical and machanical needs. Besides, some other special requirements such as thermal protection and fuel gauge can be developed for our battery packs on demands. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us for your required battery management.


Battery Terminals

Battery Plug/Connector

This part provides an easy and efficient means of connecting the battery pack to your device. The following table lists some popular connectors for your reference. They can be applied in toys, emergency lights, GPS devices, LED lights, portable deviced and so on. You can rest be assured that we can assist you to get an optimal terminal for your battery pack.