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Company Website: Klugonyx Group, LLC

Through our agile design process Klugonyx's goal is to build product and brand strategy that primes our clients for a successful launch and sustained growth.

After an initial scope, we will design strategy and execute in on each area of business: product, marketing, and sales. In collaboration with the Client Name team, will establish the brand, the product, the online presence and ultimately facilitate the company growth.

Our team is versed in soft goods, hard goods, and integrated hard goods. We are excited at the potential for a new relationship and the opportunity to work with you.

Ultimately, our goal is to prove ourselves as extensions of your team; stewards of your product and brand, that results in a long term partnership and friendship. Your success is our success.


The Services We Provide


To find the solution to a problem, you’ve got to ask the right questions. We make sure we know the full detailed scope of the project and then we strategize a plan. First we determine the market size, scout out the competition, gauge the potential of your business and how big we can make it, and then investigate prospective distribution channels. We pre-validate your product for you.

Product Development

We start with ideation. We take your concept from the sketchpad to 3-D renderings, then create for you a fully functional, photo-ready prototype. After testing and perfecting these prototypes, we present them to you. If you like what you see, we set you up with one of our manufacturers. By working closely with us every step of the way, you minimize financial risk and bring yourself one step closer to launching your project safely.


Simply put, we make you look good! We take care of all your branding from the website to the product packaging. You can be sure that by the time you launch, your business is ready for the big leagues.

Venture Launch

We have mastered the fine art of utilizing crowdfunding to make your dream a real possibility. We supplement it with private capital from our many connections and help your company financially enter the product business ecosystem.


We’ve got plenty of resources to make your product for you. Don’t worry about it- we’ll take care of everything.


We have many partners and we will decide which one is the right one to give your product a home. Your product will be ready to ship in no time- direct or indirect- to doorsteps or stores.

Distribution Connections

We’ll connect you with people. Our vast network of distribution partners will get your product on the shelves. And from there, we are back to manufacturing to keep up with the demand and the cycle starts all over again. Beautiful, isn’t it?

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