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Nidec Group specializes and handles motor application products based on "everything that spins and moves," centering around a motor business that comprises an expansive product line from small precision to supersized motors.

These products are used in all kinds of objects and devices around us that are critical to our lives and society.



Special Motors

Nidec Group deals with a wide range of products including motors for specific applications and functional units. High quality levels are maintained for all products including not only motors, the core product, but sensors, mechanical units, and driving & control circuits as well. This ensures these products deliver superior performance. We supply our products to various industrial fields such as home appliances, office equipment, medical equipment, housing equipment, and energy, and have a lineup of products starting from simple functional components, to core devices of products, right through to complete systems.

Pump motors


We offer a lineup of motors for centrifugal pumps, axial flow pumps, diagonal flow pumps, vane pumps, plunger pumps, and other types of pumps.

Medical pumps


Applications in the medical electronics field, including diagnostic instruments, therapeutic equipment, inspection & measuring equipment, and analytical instruments, are supported.

Vibration motors


Vibration motors used in mobile terminals, game machines, etc. Small and high efficiency types are provided.

Multifunction hybrid motors


Added functions such as sensors and gears are integrated into the motor module. This type of motor can optimize performance according to the specific application and specifications, and is characterized by space-saving features.

Small wind power generators


We have developed low-cost generators with built-in cores without using a large number of magnets, and with low cogging torque to enable the generators to rotate even in weak winds. These generators have already been released in the market.

Polygon laser scanners


High precision motors for laser printers, digital multifunction products, barcode readers, and medical equipment. Pneumatic bearing types are also provided.

HDD motors


Motors used to drive storage devices (hard disks) that are critical in this digital society. Nidec, as a leading motor manufacturer, pursues a lower profile and higher capacity.

Motor drive units


Mounted in housing equipment and home appliances to support the comfortable, convenient, and ecological daily lives of customers.

Diaphragm Pumps


Because diaphragm pumps can prevent contamination by oil or other foreign materials from occurring, they ensure clean operations and are thus frequently used in a range of industrial fields such as food & hygiene, medicine, and chemicals.


Integrating a wide range of technologies such as optics, mechanics, electronics, software, and control engineering, Nidec Group develops and manufactures inspection & measuring systems, robots, conveyor equipment, control equipment, and a range of other types of machinery. As is the case with other Nidec products, those products feature excellent functionality and cost performance, as well as RAS (Reliability, Availability, Serviceability) that has been built up through extensive use at worksites. By providing machinery that is critical for manufacturing, Nidec Group strongly supports customers' business activities in a wide spectrum of fields including semiconductors, home appliances, automobiles & transport machines, and medical services.

Inspection & measuring systems


We have developed different types of Inspection & measuring systems to satisfy the increasingly sophisticated inspection and measurement requirements that are the result of the downsizing and functional advancement of electronic equipment.

Printed circuit board inspection systemsPrinted Circuit Board Inspection Systems

Printed circuit board inspection systems (Tester components)Printed Circuit Board Inspection Systems (Tester Components)

Semiconductor package inspection systemsSemiconductor Package Inspection Systems

Functional test systems & laser trimming systemsFunctional Test Systems & Laser Trimming Systems

Optical image inspection systemsOptical Image Inspection Systems

Automation units


A lineup of automation units that make production lines more efficient in the areas of processing, assembly, and conveyance.

Industrial robotsIndustrial Robots

Card readersCard Readers

High-speed automatic pressing machinesHigh-Speed Automatic Pressing Machines

Winding machinesWinding Machines

Application Machines and Dispensers

Control equipment


Different types of "Movement control" equipment are provided that form the core functions of machine tools, robots, semiconductor making equipment, injection molding machines, and various inspection systems.

Speed reducers/drives, transmission equipmentSpeed Reducers/Drives, Transmission Equipment

Industrial encodersIndustrial encoders


Laser marker

Marking Devices


We provide marking devices used for lot management and individual recognition such as serial numbers, required for production control, traceability, quality assurance, etc.

Dye sublimation printers

Laser marker

Optical devices


A device involving optics technology, used to perform contactless scanning of three-dimensional data.

3D scanners3D Scanners

Electronic & Optical Components

Nidec Group develops and manufactures optical system units, sensors, electronic devices, etc. The optical system unit has been developed without simple accumulation of optics, mechanics and electronics functions, but by overall optimization of the entire unit to realize the compact size and high function. Also, the sensors and electronics devices can have the low cost and high functions by cooperation in designing and manufacturing and by improvement of quality control in the production line.

Mechanical system components


We have a lineup of mechanical system components such as plastic dies, plastic molded components, and ball screws.

Plastic molded componentsPlastic Molded Components

High-precision gearsHigh-Precision Gears

Precision components and diesPrecision Components and Dies

Ball screwsBall Screws

Optical system units


We have a lineup of image scanner units, which play core functions of copy machines and optical system units and components.

Camera shutters and lens unitsCamera Shutters and Lens Units

Ultra wide angle lens unitsUltra Wide Angle Lens Units

Interchangeable lens for cameraInterchangeable lens for camera

Rearview camera moduleRearview camera module

Camera module for sensingCamera module for sensing



We have a lineup of encoders for motor positioning and speed control, and magnetic quantity sensors for appraisal authenticity by reading of magnetic ink.



Current, pressure, and liquid leak sensorsCurrent, Pressure, and Liquid Leak Sensors

Electronic system components


We offer electronic components for industrial equipment, measuring instruments, broadcast equipment, medical equipment, housing equipment, and office equipment.