Kudakwashe Mujeka
Kudakwashe Mujeka
Director at International Type Approval & Global Compliance Services Ltd
Harare, Zimbabwe
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About Us:

I am a Consultant based in Harare, Zimbabwe and i specialize in

Telecommunications Type Approvals and i am direct with regional
regulators across Africa and other international labs and countries
worldwide. I have over 6 years experience in this industry.

Services Offered:

Provide telecommunications type approval certification consulting services and Compliance , plus field-testing services to a span over 90 countries .Can help you manage the entry process of obtaining type approval and certification services in Africa and other parts of the world.

Countries Served

Algeria,Angola,Benin,Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi,Cape Verde,Cameron,Central Africa Republic, Comoros,Congo, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Gabon,Gambia,Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Equatorial,Guinea,Guinea Conakry, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia,Madagascar,Malawi,Maldives,Mali,Mauritania,Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, DR Cong, Rwanda,Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Lione ,Tanzania, Togo,Chad, Uganda, Swaziland, Egypt, Zambia ,Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Sudan, Djibouti, Eritrea,Tunisia , Pakistan, Suriname, South Africa,Morocco. Lebanon.,Thailand, South Sudan and more countries worldwide.

Assurance of Quality and Value

To ensure that the information provided to you is always correct, i can inform you and update you of the standards, directives and access requirements of any market you target, anyone who wishes to launch products successfully into local or international markets need the correct authorizations.
In many cases compliance regulatory requirements to enter a particular market differ from country to country.I do not only have the technical expertise to obtain type approval and certification services but I also strive to get you into global markets faster and continuously monitor the market to avail you with updates during the process of certification.

Testing Services

I also provide field testing services for smart phones, Modems, Tablets and other equipment, the field testing procedure depends upon the client needs.


Service First, Quality Guaranteed is my measurement for customer satisfaction and with your feedback and suggestions, I am well-positioned to become your best business partner and create profitable business opportunities with you.

Industries & Areas Covered:

  • Regulatory research and consultation
  • Day to day price evaluation depending on the product and the country
  • Field Testing for Smart phone, Modems,Wireless and Radio Frequency
  • Equipment and other equipment.
  • Dynamic Regulatory Technical requirements and management
  • Updating of client on the project progress.
  • Definite country application preparation andsubmittal
  • Type approval/Homologation services in over
  • 90 countries with aide from my in-country partners
  • Local representation for Manufacturers, Distributors, importer, Consultants and Testing


What We Offer to Our Clients

  • Provide Local representation and distribution for both local and international companies.
  • Provide Certification and Type Approval planning of a product
  • Ensure the client’s product goes to the target market on time.
  • Ensure in-country tests are mandatory and if your local country test reports can be used to get
  • the required certifications.
  • Provide expert knowledge on different country regulatory requirements
  • Preparation and submission of testing and type approval applications.
  • Provide expert personal on field testing ,scheduling and coordination.
  • Provide Competitive certification and type approval services at a pocket friendly price and in a short time.
  • Ensure the highest customer services.

Lets Do Business together

Should you be willing to collaborate with me please feel free to send to us an email with request for a quote.Trial Type Approval Applications for submission. and i will be at your service. A quote will be sent to you upon request.

Contact Information

Kudakwashe Mujeka

International Type Approval & Compliance Consultant


whatsapp: +263736732608
Tel: +263775175724