Koris Lai
Koris Lai
Project Engineer at Fine Tech Mold & Manufactory Ltd
Hong Kong, China
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Fine Tech are specialists in Plastic & Metal Mold and mass production. We are able to provide a One-Stop service from tooling design, mass production, painting / plating, assembly to packing.

All product operations are conducted at the factory which is located in DongGuan ChangAn, China.

The factory is a 150,000 square feet facility with 30 experienced tooling technicians. We have been producing premium quality and precise molds for various overseas industries for more than 15 years. After years of business, we have built successful relationships with our customers.

In today's highly competitive marketplace, we want to take this offer our services and capabilities to you. We guarantee you that your production and mold costs will be low if you choose us as your mold supplier.

Our service


  • Continuously improve mold's productivity and products quality.
  • Projects from conceptual product design to finished goods manufacturing.
  • As an extension of customers manufacturing, we help you to meet the quality and price as required.
  • We provide a one-stop-shop service for all facets of product development.


  • Our representative office was established in Hong Kong, which is mainly for company operation and handling of client quotations, and molds will be exported via HK FOB.
  • Our main production fleet is based in DongGuan, China. We have 2 factory sites, one for mold making and the other for production. The total building area is 150,000 SqFt.
    • The mold site is equipped with major CNC, Wire Cut, EDM and grinding machines.
    • The production site consists of a range of injection machines, and other production facilities for post-production process.
  • We employs a total of 100 members in Hong Kong and China. We have 2 teams of engineers specializing in product design, tool design and project management, who are ready to assist customers to finalize their product design and provide timely information to customers on the progress of the tool building.
    • The team also consists of 30 highly qualified and certified mold makers, which have excellent skills and experience in the mold making industry.
  • Our engineer team is familiar with the following softwares: Pro-Engineer, Unigraphics NX, Catia, SolidWorks, MoldFlow (MPA/MPI), AutoCAD, MasterCAM.

Our Products


  • Plastic 3D printing
  • Fused deposition Modeling
  • Metal 3D printing
  • Direct metal laser sintering
  • Plastic injection molds
  • Alloy Metal die-casting molds
  • Consumer products
  • Household products
  • Toys
  • Electrical appliances
  • Lighting accessories
  • Optical instruments
  • Office and industrial products.