Konstantin Tsygankov
Konstantin Tsygankov
Project Manager at DIFI.NET
Tallinn, Estonia
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DIFI.NET is operating in three mutually complementary business fields, which combines the concept of the Internet of Things - IoT.


  1. B2B Sales & Distribution for ICT, Test, Automation, Measurement, Building, EMS
  2. Training Center for Engineers, Software developers
  3. Solution and Development Creation:

3.1 Education and Research Equipment for Technical Institutes, Labs & Schools

3.2 Test Solutions: electronic, communication.

3.3 Development of electronic devices and applications


1.Test Solution

Founded in 2005, DIFI.NET LLC is experienced in designing and building test solutions. Using various hardware and software platforms and working in partnership with other leading companies we are one of a few companies to provide the complete test solution. This can include, design for test analysis, writing of test programs, building of test systems, installation/commissioning and supplying training and documentation. We provide a diverse and customised range of test solutions by incorporating our design with the equipment of our partner companies.

Whether it’s a PCB or a full system, we deliver a suitable solution which may include in-circuit test, Functional test, Temp/Environment control, and Result data management.

We have design experience for mechanical, electronic, communication of complex test solutions. Our systems may incorporate PXI, LXI, CAN or GPIB technologies with a range of operating systems including NI Labview and Teststand. We also provide the support and maintenance as and when required.

Additionally DIFI.NET LLC will give practical assistance in the form of advice, software or PCB layout:

  • to implement Lantronix network solutions in engineering products at the design stage;
  • to connect ready products to Ethernet or wireless network

A simple company structure allows us to respond quickly to customer needs, give clear visibility of project status, and deliver a working solution in a timely manner.


2.For Education and Research

DIFI.NET has been developing partnerships with educational institutions since 2007. We use the experience of NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS (NI), whose latest technologies and teaching methods for the preparation of highly qualified specialists in various technical disciplines, successfully used in more than 200 schools in Europe. In 2012, National Instruments technologies was being used at 7300 leading universities around the world.

The uniqueness of the educational program built on the National Instruments technologies is that it is possible to construct a continuous educational process for preparing future engineers in conditions close to those that employ specialists of major research laboratories and businesses.

The first Estonian satellite ESTCube-1, which successfully entered orbit in 2013, was designed and built in the laboratory at the Space Observatory of Tartu, which is also equipped with technologies of NI.

Our second partner, which in 2013 celebrated its 50th anniversary - is ELETTRONICA VENETA (EV). Mini Labs and EV Training Equipment used not only in schools and universities, but also in additional after university and continuing Education Programs, as well as specialized Training Courses.

Represented by us educational equipment allows to carry out scientific research on most technological directions of educational programs, namely in electronics and electrical engineering, computer science and telecommunications, engineering, mechatronics, chemical engineering, biotechnology, agricultural science, renewable energy, physics, chemistry, biology and many other industries.

Our partners are active developers and innovators. Therefore, we are always offer our customers the most advanced technology, which fully meets the standards of modern industries.

Our company is not just a seller of equipment. We organize special classes for the training of teachers in the classroom and online. We are also responsible for warranty and after-sales service for the lifetime of equipment.
These educational institutions and research centers are already using technology supplied by us:

3.Electronics Design

What can we design ?

Integration of networking solutions to electronic design and existing equipment (IoT networking devices ofLantronix, Inc) ,


Electronic labels for exhibits in the museum, an exhibition, a conference,