Kimi Xiao
Kimi Xiao
Project Manager at Sanmu Communication Group
Shenzhen, China
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Sanmu Communication Group, established in 2005, focuses on mobile communication appliance and its research, marketing and manufacture.

Sanmu Communication Group set the management center in Nanshan Science and Technology Park, Shenzhen and has research centers in Shenzhen, Huizhou. We built manufacturing bases in Huizhou with 30000 square meter. Miki Industrial Park in Huizhou which is Sanmu’s underlying real estate already entered production operations in August, 2014.

As of now, Sanmu Communication Group has 2,000 staffs which includes over 300 researchers. 70% of Staff have bachelor’s degree or higher. Since the foundation in 2005, we emphasized independent research and technology innovation. We united numbers of high qualified developers, absorbing advanced technology from China overseas. We currently hold around 100 patents. We can provide a range of solutions depending on your project needs:

  • Product definition
  • Hardware design
  • Software design
  • Structure design
  • Software drive
  • Application test
  • Customer experience
  • Manufacturing


Home intelligent terminal mainly include intelligent light system, security system, access control systems, intelligent air conditioning control system, intelligent curtain control, infrared household appliances control,environmental monitoring system, background music system and operating & controlling.

Combine all the intelligence systems organically in terms of the centralized (remote) control and management method by using advanced computer technology, network communication and modern control technology as the core, to create inhabitants a safe, stylish, energy-saving and environmentally friendly living environment and provide them a modern, intelligent living space.


Mobile terminal is divided into finite mobile terminals, wireless mobile terminals, mobile intelligent terminals. Finite mobile terminals means a device connecting the computer with a data cable, such as U disk and mobile hard disk drive.

Wireless mobile terminals means a module which provides wireless connection through wireless transfer protocols. While mobile intelligent terminals equipped with imported laser scanning engine, high-speed CPU processor, the original operating system, are super waterproof, prevent damage from falls and has compression capacity.


IoT Terminal embeds and installs sensors to various objects such as power grid, railways, bridges, tunnels, roads, construction, water supply, dams, oil and gas pipelines, then it combines IoT with the existing Internet to realize the integration of human society and physical systems.

There exists a super powerful central computer group in this integrated network, which is able to achieve a real-time management and control on the integration of people, machines, equipment and infrastructure with network.


There are two kinds of solutions, one is embedded solution, it means that wireless modules were put in the car body, it is highly reliable and can access some non information service, such as transfer some diagnosis data after combining with car body diagnosis, but its cost is relatively high so it may be more suitable for some high-end car products.

Another solution is to use the smartphone, through the short distance wireless communication, such as bluetooth or WIFI, application in the mobile is passed to the vehicle, in general, another solution is the short distance wireless communication.