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Kiko Xu
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Scinan loT takes pride in the original cloud-computing platform built on the J2PEE basic framework and NoSQL database. It supports real-time connections for millions of nodes, where a single unit of servers offers support for over 100,000 TCP and SSL connections as well as multi-IDC, fault-tolerant backups. For the front-end loT connecting modules, based on various commonly used embedded MCU(MSP430/ARM M0/M3 etc) systems, we are able to convert a multitude of transfer protocols in the industry, including infrared, RF, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave, RS485,Modbus, CAN, integrates MQTT, SEP, meanwhile , we have integrated other loT standard protocols to interface with Scinan loT cloud service.

In terms of the back-end loT application, Scinan loT cloud service/platform also supports open API, making it easy to process data and fast to integrate with other systems(CRM, ERO, HIS, etc),From the front-end connecting modules, to the integration and optimization of dedicated loT protocols on the transport layer, to the back-end loT cloud service platform, Scinan loT is proud to offer comprehensive operational-level loT solutions that are secure, and easy to integrate and deploy.


(1)Smart Rice Cooker


Facecook smart cooker 00 use the revolutionary double bravery and catamaran structure design, with a wi-fi network intelligent technology and the five-dimensional minimalist manipulation. Remote cooking by one button, to realize the various cooking ways such as precision cooking, fast cooking, porridge and soup, stew , nutrition steaming etc. Besides, the cloud updates the intelligent recipes in real time.

(2)Air Condition Magic Box


A smart home automation turn Wi-Fi to infared. It focus on intelligent transforming air condition , improve the tradtional one, realize the spring all the year. Remote start Refrigeration 、heating、arefaction etc function.Mobile phone App intelligent remote control , realize the all function of air condition, is the best choice for you. 17 Product Features: 1. Smart learning remote controller ,compatible with different brand and different model of air condition. 2. The device can be remote controll by mobile phone at anytime and anywhere.No more stuffiness ,save electric and far away from air-condition disease . 3. Setting the temperature,humidity by mobile phone. Controling the stable humidity and temperature by air condition magic box.

(3)Smart Lamp-Introduction


Smart lamp , a set of smart light product created by Scinan IOT for lighting enterprise.The product embedded with our 2.4G module, matching with 2.4G to Wi-Fi gateway, it connects to our cloud service platform and develop APP according to the requirement of enterprise, Offers a full set of intelligent lighting solution for enterprises. Smart Lamp-Introduction • The low cost integrated intelligent lighting solution • According to the personal preference,there are 5 scene modes of APP:Read, Chat, Movies,Night-lamp and energy saving. Multiple usage scenarios:Living room, kitchen, bedroom etc. Adding the lamp to different scenario by APP casually and easily. • Remote control the lamp to turn on/off, cold and warm color, RGB, brightness ,but also can set to automatic change color circularly. • Besides, APP also have the function of timing turn on/off.Don't need to worry about forgeting to turn off the lights, resulting the waste of electricity.

(4)Smart Thermostat-Introduction


User can monitor the temperature information and other status which detect by smart thermostat through the smart phone APP. Meanwhile the smart thermostat is available to work with other devices to adjust and control the whole environment. Product Features: 1. Real-time monitoring and controlling the room temperature, keeping the room at the most suitable temperature 2. User can check the temperature condition through APP at anytime and anywhere, more easier to control the surrounding environment. 3. Equipment communicate, connect with other equipments through 868Mhz to realize the management of device’s temperature. Control the whole environment more easier. 4. Offering time programming function, allow to program 5. 5+1+1,5+2 or 7 days, work as the customer requires

(5)Smart Wi-Fi Body Scale Introduction


Smart body scale is a household body scale, user can check the weight data on smart phone APP. Display the history record and curve of weight data, user can see the weight trends easily. Product Features: 1.Maximum load bearing 150kg,Precision reaches 100g; 2.With low power consumption Wi-Fi solutions, battery life is more longer. 3.Scale connects cloud healthy platform automatically. 4. Achieving synchronization of mobile phone and LCD 5.Various units of weight display, suitable for user from different countries. 6.Offering weight curve record, describe it according week, month, quarter and year respectively 7. Available to add multiple user for weight matching in one account.

(6)NewBee Socket


The NewBee Socket is a customized project, designed by Scinan IOT. The product including a well designed WiFi module, connect to the Scinan cloud server through a WiFi router. We also design the customized APP, provide total solution for customers. NewBee Socket – Product Features • The Smart Socket is a most typical smart product at people home usage. It will go into every family. • The NewBee Socket can be used widely at kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom. A smart phone can control it easily, designed use for people age 12-70. • It has two connectors, two channels control, two channels electricity measurement, and calculate the consumed power by day or month. • It also has a USB connector, can charge a smart phone or table. • If connect to a extensional wire, it will become a smart power strip. Several units can join together too.

(7)Smart Coffee Machine-Introduction


mart coffee machine user can check status and operate set timer, concentration, quantity, grind coffee beans and more functions by smart phone APP. Product Features: 1. Household coffee machine, make coffee at home easily 2. Available to set quantity, concentration, grind beans and various combinations, brew coffee by one button only 3. 24h booking function, make it in advance and enjoy your coffee time at once when get home. 4. Outage automatically, Power saving, Auto power-off without operation within 2h