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Company Website: PRECINTL Co., Ltd.


PREC --Product Realization Express Channel.

We bring your idea into mass production.

We do design, development and mass production.

An integrated industrial total solution member group of design houses and factories, located in Shenzhen city, South China.

Deeply rooted in “the factory of the world”, with 20+ years of experience in the product industry, PRECINTL is able to help you realise your products from conception to mass production delivery, with the least iteration.

Widely recognised by oversea peers and product industry insiders, PRECINTL has succeed in many innovation projects for customers from the USA, Europe, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Hongkong.




  • Industrial Design (Softwares: Rhino, Catia, Alias…)
  • Mechanical design (Softwares: Solidworks, Pro-E, Unigraphics, AutoCAD…)
  • Graphic Design (Softwares:illustrator, Coreldraw, photoshop…)
  • EE design( Schematic design and PCB layout) (Softwares: Altium Designer, Protel 99se, PADS, Cadence , Orcad…14699638933192130.jpg

Product Development

  • Firmware development,
  • Apps. development,
  • Manufacturing process development
  • Industry Engineering


Prototyping (mocking up)

Mechanical prototypes:

Available materials:

  • Prototype plastic materials include:

ABS, PC(w/wo Glass Fibre filled), ABS+PC, Nylon, POM(Delrin), Nylon(PA)(w/wo Glass Fibre filled), (Acryl(PMMA), PBT (backlit), PP, PE, PVC, Silicone, TPU(similar), TPE(similar)

  • Prototype metal materials include:

Steel, Aluminum(alloy), Magnesium alloy, Copper(Brass), Titanium alloy, Zirconium alloy, Tungsten alloy,

Available methods:

  • Material removing processes:
  • Machining (CNC machining, Turning, milling)
  • Material adding processes: 3D printing (FDM, SLA/SL, DLP,SLS,LOM, EBM)
  • Silicone mould moulding(vacuum mould forming): for small volume replica for small quantity (typically less than 100 pcs) Laser cutting, etching,simple stamping, forming.


EE prototypes:

  • PCB bare board,
  • SMT service,
  • demo development board
  • PCBA final assembled function board,


Tool/Mould building

  • Plastic part tools/moulds:

Plastic Injection tool(single shot and dual shots),Plastic blowing tool, Plastic rotational moulding tool, Plastic extrusion tool,

  • Metal part tools:

Stamping tool, Casting tool, Die casting tool, deep drawing tool, Buldging tool, forging tool,Fixtures and ICT for PCBA


Mass production solutions:

Mechanical parts of all kinds,

  • can be production with tools,
  • just CNC machining out of raw material chunk,
  • or even 3D printing.

The materials can be metal, plastic, fabric, leather, wood, bamboo, glass, stone or other composite materials.

EE section includes

  • PCB fabricating,
  • PCBA assembly
  • Final assembly and testing
  • OQC inspection and Packaging


All above processes are based on ISO9001 certificate owner facilities.