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Kevin Huang
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Taipei, Taiwan
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The New Internet of Moving Things

The Internet of Moving Things is here. From smartphones and tablets to smart clothing and wearables, mCube is enabling a new era called ‘The Internet of Moving Things’ where everyday objects and devices can measure, monitor, and analyze motion and context in space, generating massive amounts of data and insight.

As the provider of the Internet of Moving Things, mCube aspires to put a MEMS motion sensor on anything that moves, making it easy to connect everyday things and transform the way consumers live and businesses operate.



The Smallest Sensors in the World are making a huge Impact. By 2020, analysts predict that more than 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet and a large percentage of those devices will be in motion.

mCube has developed a unique monolithic single-chip MEMS design approach allowing for extremely cost-effective, high-performance motion sensors. Virtually any item in motion can benefit from mCube’s tiny motion sensors.

With the mCube approach, the MEMS sensors are fabricated directly on top of the IC electronics in a standard CMOS fabrication facility. Advantages of this monolithic approach include smaller size, higher performance, lower cost, and the ability to integrate multiple sensors onto a single chip.

Because mCube MEMS sensors are easily integrated with ICs onto a single die using standard CMOS processes, they are simple to manufacture and easy to design into a broad range of applications.

mCube Monolithic MEMS

mCube Monolithic MEMS

Sensor Momentum Since its inception in 2009 mCube has:

Delivered the industry’s only monolithic single-chip MEMS+ASIC product, confirmed by Yole Développement as the world’s smallest accelerometer.

Developed a complete portfolio of motion sensor hardware and software solutions for up to 9DoF Shipped more than 60 million accelerometers into the China smartphone and tablet markets.

Over 100 patents filed to date Awarded the EETimes “startup of the year” prize in 2012 Named by Gartner as a 2013 ‘Cool Vendor’ Secured its MEMS sensors on a range of smartphone, gaming and tablet reference designs and is featured on the approved vendor lists of leading handset chipset partners, such as MediaTek


(1) 3-Axis Accelerometer Overview

The MC3610 is an ultra-low power, low noise, integrated digital output 3-axis accelerometer with a feature set optimized for wearables and the Internet of Moving Things (IoMT) devices.

With its low power modes and tiny footprint this accelerometer extends sensor battery life and reduces the space required for the sensor by up to 3X. Low noise and low power are inherent in the monolithic fabrication approach, where the MEMS accelerometer is integrated in a single-chip with the electronics integrated circuit.

The internal sample rate can be set from 0.4 to 400 samples / second. Specific tap or sample acquisition conditions can trigger an interrupt to a remote MCU. Alternatively, the device supports the reading of sample and event status via polling.

  • Fitness and wearables
  • Health monitoring
  • Activity tracking
  • Smart home
  • Smart agriculture

(2) 3-Axis Accelerometer Overview

The MC3210 is a low-noise, integrated digital output 3-axis accelerometer with a feature set optimized for mobile phones and consumer products requiring motion-sensing capabilities.

The MC3210 provides interface control, gaming motion input, and electronic compass tilt compensation. Low noise and low power are inherent as the MEMS accelerometer is integrated in a single-chip with the electronics integrated circuit. Accurate event detection is enabled with a low noise architecture that minimizes false triggering found in competing devices.

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Game controllers
  • Remote controls
  • Portable media devices

(3) 6-Axis eCompass Overview

The MC6450 is a 6-axis eCompass that consists of a 3-axis linear accelerometer and a 3-axis magnetic field sensor, both with an I2C digital interface, in a single package.

By combining a high-precision magnetic sensor with a low-noise single-chip MEMS accelerometer, the MC6450 enables industry-leading, tilt-compensated compass directional accuracy of one degree or less, with appropriate attention to magnetic system design.

The MC6450 also incorporates the mCube eMotion™ software which eases integration of compass functionality into the end product.

The MC6450 is ideal for applications needing to take advantage of high-precision directional pointing include map orientation, virtual reality data overlay, enhanced navigation, and gyroscope replacement.

Application benefits when using a magnetic sensor

  • Mobile phones
  • Portable navigation devices
  • Fitness, wearable products

(4) 9-Axis iGyro™ Overview

MC7010 provides 9 DOF function with an ultra-small 3x3mm single package for consumer electronic market. It consists of a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer and a specially designed sensor fusion unit.

Besides the accelerometer and tilt-compensated compass, it integrates the mCube patented iGyro™ engine supported by the optimized sensor fusion unit design, to provide an ultra-low power gyroscope function.

MC7010 provides 9-DOF function for mobile phones, tablets, and other consumer electronic devices with competitive performance and ultra-low power.

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Gaming controllers
  • Fitness, wearable products