Keita Miyasato
Keita Miyasato
Assistant General Manager Technical Development Department at Taiyo Industrial Co.,Ltd
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I am now working at Taiyo Industrial located in Japan. Taiyo is manufacturing Flexible Printed Circuit Board(FPC). I'm in charge of the technology development. Taiyo makes not only plot type and quick turn FPC but also advanced FPC products. Regarding advanced materials, Ultra thin(0.01mm), High frequency and Stretchable FPC were developed. Especially, Demand for Ultra thin and Stretchable FPC increase for wearable and IOT use.

About Taiyo

Evolution is always demanded of the times.

The slew of products that companies develop go through endless prototyping so that their technologies are tailored to the target objective before they are put on the market. Markets always demand new products and continually push for faster development speeds.

Amidst all of that, Taiyo Industrial continues to prototype and develop flexible printed circuit (FPC) boards and offer circuit board inspection systems. As a fundamental component of hardware, FPC boards must be of high quality and developed in a short time span. Having extensive experience and know-how with the manufacturing processes of single-sided, double-sided, multilayered and developmental FPC boards, Taiyo Industrial is always improving technologies, which has earned us a solid reputation for both delivery and quality. Moreover, while pursuing finer pitched, higher density circuitry on the one hand, Taiyo Industrial is working with bumps and special material plating on the other.

In the field of printed circuit board inspection systems, Taiyo Industrial has a wide lineup of bare board test systems for each single-sided, double-sided and hard multilayered circuit boards. Users can select the system that suits their needs from simple pass/fail evaluation to fault identification and tracing. These systems are all developed on “user-friendly” concepts to ensure ease of use, and apply proprietary circuit board manufacturing technology cultivated by Taiyo Industrial. By feeding technologies back and forth between printed circuit board manufacturing and inspection systems, the latest technologies are constantly being applied to products.

Moreover, there are some things that never change. From the 1960s until today, we have always demanded the best of ourselves. Back in the days before CAD, teams made concerted efforts together to make wiring patterns spread over a table. That same passion to bring a product to market is unchanged today. Over the decades, Taiyo Industrial has demonstrated the same passion for technology through trends towards multilayer and finer pitches, and development concepts for systems that apply new testing techniques.

Everything evolves at a mind-boggling pace these days. Taiyo Industrial continues to explore the vast deep “ocean” (pronounced “Taiyo” in Japanese) that is the electronics field with passion that pursues ideals and the technical strengths for materializing those ideals.


FPC Product Lineup

In the electronic boards business, Taiyo Industrial prototypes and develops flexible printed circuit (FPC) boards. Before newly developed cell phones, digital cameras and videos, car navigation systems and other electronics products can be mass-produced, prototypes must be made. The prototyping process continually adds improvements to products, therefore, because FPC carry electrical signals, they must be put through a vicious cycle of prototyping and development. Taiyo Industrial continues to meet the demands of prominent digital products manufacturers by applying one of the few total FPC production systems in Japan and years of technical expertise, design knowledge and know-how to ensuring “quick delivery prototyping”.

Single-sided Fine Pitch FPC


With conductive pattern deposited on one side of insulated base material, this high-definition FPC provides a good flexion.

Double-sided Fine Pitch FPC


Flexible printed circuit with conductive pattern deposited on both sides of insulated base material. Top and bottom sides are connected via a micro conductive hole called through hole.

Multilayered FPC


High-density wiring enables circuit design with higher degree of freedom.

Bump FPC


Flexible printed circuits (FPC) boards with bumps. Used for testing contacts at minute pitch.

Bare Chip Mounted FPC


Flexible printed circuits with mounted bare chips.Can be mounted to fine-pitch conductive line.

Component Mounted FPC


Customer-supplied chip components are mounted on FPC.

ACF Crimping


This process joins two fine-pitch FPCs or glass substrate and FPC together. It enables conductive pattern bonding in microns.

Final Visual Inspection system


Electrical Testing System


Prober Product Lineup


Jig products for high precision, which Bump (minute protuberance). FPC applied too.


  • Precise circuit inspection, impossible with pin probes, is available.
  • Cu+Ni-Au, which does not cause any damage on the objects.
  • Sufficient height to contact enables high reliability.
  • Compact!
  • Bump FPC replacement is easy!


Electroforming is applied to the manufacture of plated metal products of high dimensional accuracy that cannot be made by etching or precision milling. The electroformed products from Taiyo Industrial combine lithographic and plating technologies on a high plane, as follows.


  • Tiny holes that are hard to make by etching can be formed.
  • Dimensions can be controlled on the micron order.
  • Columnar structures can be formed.
  • Two cross-sectional profiles are available: overhang and straight.