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ABOUT Titoma Design for Asian Manufacturing:

Titoma stands for Time To Market: we design, engineer and manufacture electronic products, specializing in connected devices /IoT, in Taiwan and China, avoiding delays by designing next to the factories, solving issues on the spot.

At Titoma we take responsibility for the complete project, from industrial design and firmware all the way to mass manufacturing and logistics. The companies we work for want to avoid being stuck in the middle of any number of suppliers all pointing fingers at one another if something goes wrong.

In the beginning we cooperated with local ODM factories to do majority of the electronic design, but even with tight management on the ground that approach had too many problems, so for quite some years now we design all electronic hardware and firmware in-house.

To create a successful electronic device you need the expertise of a lot of different companies and experts. Our Taiwan head office is right in the middle of Asia's silicon valley, where devices such as Pebble and Nest are completely redesigned to make them manufacturable.

If there is an issue our engineers call up the IC vendor and other relevant suppliers in the morning and have a meeting of all relevant experts in our office that same afternoon, hashing out the issues then and there, in Chinese.

We act as the IP Custodian for our clients, sharing info with vendors only on a need to know basis.

We focus on embedded devices in mid-range production quantities, from 50 high-tech security systems for airports to 50,000 dive planners, as long as the value per order is at least US $ 150K.

electronic Product Development China


Industrial design

Mechanical engineering

Electronic Design


Molds and Parts

China Manufacturing


  • Electronic Design: mostly Embedded Electronics, wearable / IoT,/ connected devices
  • Firmware Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Plastic Injection
  • Mold Making
  • Protoyping
  • High end, high mix manufacturing in Taiwan Mass manufacturing in China


Wearables App


Wireless connected devices

Remote health diagnosis

Medical electronic devices