Kazuma Takimoto
Kazuma Takimoto
Manager at Fukuoka Directive Council
Fukuoka, Japan
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ABOUT Fukuoka:

Drawing a future vision for Fukuoka and increasing its global competitiveness are the principle goals of Fukuoka Directive Council (hereafter Fukuoka D.C.). In order to pursue these objectives, Fukuoka D.C. will plan and implement effective regional development strategies. With partnerships across public, private, academic and civic sectors, Fukuoka D.C. will be committed to formulate feasible development strategies and implement operational and replicable projects, setting Fukuoka city and its vicinities at the core and by linking with other partners throughout greater Kyushu, and moreover with neighboring Asian cities.

Fukuoka Directive Council is a multi-sectoral body consisting of three membership groups; Official members, Affiliate members, and Special members. On the Board are the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Senior Board Members, and Auditors. Fukuoka D.C. operates under the Executive Committee which is the decision making authority of the organization; the Board which is the implementation body of the organization, and a fully fledged Secretariat which functions as a ‘think-and-do-tank’ with experienced full time staff.

Fukuoka Directive Council is chosen as the main constituent among cooperation of public and private sectors for building the wider cooperation system among public and private sectors which belongs to “Regional promotion project by bureaucracy and private enterprise in close cooperation 2011″ which is the Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport country policy station carried out in July, 2011.

Personal Profiles:

Not from technical background, but an enthusiast of the maker movement and Shenzhen. Currently working for regional think tanks that try to encourage revitalization of Kyushu island and establishment of its position as a gateway city of Japan to Asia. My vision is to set up innovation hubs in Kyushu and any other resourceful regions of Japan, and connect them with Taiwanese and Chinese hardware entrepreneurs who seek stable and trustful manufacturers.