Kayiita Johnson
Kayiita Johnson
2018 MBA Candidate and former Texas Instruments Sales Engineer at Stanford Graduate School of Business
Palo Alto, United States
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I love working with NYC-based hardware startups on topics like:

  • Translating product features to chip selection
  • Identifying ways to save on BOM cost
  • Helping to understand the target market and what other players are doing in the space
  • Special pricing on SC components

There are others just like me in Boston and SF, so feel free to reach out, even if you're not based in NYC!

HWTrek's interview with the expert, read the full conversation on our blog:

HWTrek: What do you consider to be the main drags on current hardware development cycles? How could they improve?

Engineers only have so much time on their hands, and they need to spend it on things that make full use of their skills. Making sure they delegate tasks is extremely important. As a startup, you probably don’t have access to your own procurement team, design review team, and peer engineers. Let us help you by translating the features you want in your next product into semiconductors; let us help you by reviewing the schematics you make and providing suggestions; let us help you by getting the best prices possible for your volumes, etc.

HWTrek: What advice would you give to entrepreneurs interested in starting a hardware startup?

a. Do your research on the market for your idea. Is it something that will drive immense demand?

b. Is this idea something you can expand out to multiple products? VCs love seeing companies that have a vision for multiple products that make sense.

c. Ensure you get the right co-founders on your team. This is extremely important.


About Texas Instruments (TI):

Texas Instruments (TI) is a global analog and digital semiconductor IC design and manufacturing company. In addition to analog technologies, digital signal processing (DSP) and microcontroller (MCU) semiconductors, TI designs and manufactures semiconductor solutions for analog and digital embedded, application processing, and Education Technology.


Amplifiers & Linear


Broadband RF/IF

Clock & Timing

Data Converters

Die/Wafer Solutions

DLP® Products & MEMS





Motor Drivers

Power Management

Embedded Processors

  • SitaraTM Processors
  • Digital Signal Processors (DSP)
  • Microcontrollers (MCU)

Sensor Products

Space Products

Storage Products

Switches & Multiplexers

Wireless Connectivity

Applications & Designs:


  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Body Electronics & Lighting
  • Hybrid/Electric & Power Train Systems
  • Infotainment & Cluster
  • Passive Safety

17180_apps_Communications_Equipment.pngCommunications Equipment-

  • Enterprise Switching
  • Residential
  • Telecom Infrastructure
  • Wireless Infrastructure

17180_apps_Enterprise_Computing.pngEnterprise Systems-

  • Front Projection
  • High-performance Computing
  • Servers


  • Appliances
  • Building Automation
  • Display & Digital Signage
  • Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS)
  • Factory Automation & Control
  • Lighting
  • Medical, Healthcare & Fitness
  • Motor Drive & Control
  • Grid Infrastructure
  • Space, Avionics & Defense
  • Test & Measurement
  • Other Industrial

17180_apps_video.pngPersonal Electronics-

  • Wearables (non-medical)
  • Mobile Phones
  • PC/Notebooks
  • Printers & Other Peripherals
  • Storage
  • Tablets
  • TV/Set-top Box/Audio

IT Designs-

  • Comprehensive designs
  • Created by experts with deep system and product knowledge
  • Spans TI’s portfolio of products

Internet of Things-