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The company has a professional and capable sales team and engineering and technical talents who owns more than ten years experiences. After years of efforts, it now occupies a certain percentage of the market share in the IC sales agent around the nation, and enjoy a good reputation in this industry. To facilitate better and faster customers service, the company has been set office in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing, Fujian and the other city Changsha, Wuhan and other places have been in the default.

At present the company's main agent distribution brands are: PHI, ST, MPS, Phison, ADTAT, SONIX, PARADE, CET, AEM, POWERSILICON, Smarter Micro and so on.

The company divided into five major business group:

Automotive Multimedia Business Group - Mainly sells ST MCU, power amplifier, sound effects, PTC audio processing MPS DC-DC processor, Phison eMMC (built-in flash memory), CET MOSFET, AEM ESD protection diode, SDRAM etc. It also offers a complete set of automotive multimedia solutions of ST.

Home Multimedia Business Group - Mainly sells ST Analog (Class AB), Analog Input Digital Amplifier (Class D), Digital Input Digital Amplifier (DDX), and provides comprehensive technical support and services.

Mobile Multimedia Business Group - The division includes MP3, MP4, DPF, GPS and a series of PMP products. Mainly to sell LDO of POWERSILICON, Phison eMMC (built-in flash memory), CET MOSFET, AEM ESD electrostatic protection diode, SDRAM, etc., and provide full mobile TV (CMMB) solution of ROCKCHIP.

LCD TV business group - mainly sales agents ST audio amplifier, HDMI switch of PARADE, NXP modem, MPS DC-DC processor, DDR, SDRAM and other peripherals.

Mobile business group - mainly focus on sales agents of our own production of LCM, POWERSILICON the LDO, MCP and other products.

We are not only agents selling integrated circuits, but we can also provide customers with a full range of solutions and one-stop procurement services.

We adhere to the consistent principle of “Good reputation, quality first, customer-oriented”..