Katherine Huang
Katherine Huang
Assistant Manager of Sales Department at Taiwan Fu Hsing Industrial Co., Ltd.
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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About Taiwan FuHsing Industrial Co.:

In addition to focusing on industrial development, Taiwan Fuhsing continues to utilize its technological advantages in die casting, forging, surface processing, stamping, and cutting to diversify its business. At the same time, the Company is actively expanding its molding capabilities, heading towards diversification and forming strategic international alliances. Our strategies are drawn up as follows :

Professional Division of Labor Integration Services:

Taiwan Fuhsing not only provides door products, it also utilizes its core technologies to actively develop 3C and other residential hardware parts. The division of labor structure is as follows :

  • Security System Product Group: Committed to industrial development, improving quality, and new product innovaton.
  • Supply Chain Group: Focused on metal processing technology research
  • Molding Center: Established to diversify the Company‚Äôs operations. This strategy serves to meet market needs.

Established Locally, Thinking Globally:

Using Taiwan as the centre of operations, the Company seeks to integrate and utilize its industrial resources so as to grasp the latest information quickly. This will in turn empower the Company with the ability to react flexibly to environmental changes and to devise responding strategies.

Advantage of Taiwan Fuhsing:

Taiwan Fuhsing has the strongest work team, the most advanced equipment and a most harmonious working environment, hence creating a company of most competitive advantages. These include :

  1. More than 500 product patents, including those from U.S.A., Canada, Britain, Japan, China and Taiwan etc.
  2. Central production facilities are ISO 9001 certified.
  3. All production bases have all achieved the ISO 14001 certification and passed the government EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment).
  4. Testing laboratories are ANSI / BHMA accredited in the 'door-locks' category.
  5. All products are EN, UL and fire safety certified.


New Products

  • TOUCH-BOLT Series
  • K Series
  • Cylindrical Leverset (ANSI Grade 1)

Commercial Door Lock

  • Cylindrical Leverset
  • Cylindrical Knobset
  • Tubular Leverset
  • Tubular Knobset
  • Deadbolt

Residential Door Lock

  • Contemporary Series
  • Nature Series
  • Handleset (Forged Solid Brass)
  • Handleset (Zinc Die Cast)
  • Cylindrical Knobset
  • Tubular Leverset
  • Tubular Knobset
  • Deadbolt
  • Mortise Lock
  • Other Product

Electronic Door Lock

  • TOUCH-BOLT Series
  • K Series

Mortise Lock Case

  • EU Mortise Lock Case

Exit Device

  • Exit Device

Door Closer

  • Surface Mounted Door Closer
  • Concealed Door Closer

Surface-mount Commercial

  • EN / UL Certified
  • EN Certified

Surface-mount Residential

  • Surface Mounted Door Closer
  • Concealed Door Closer

Transom Closer & Floor Spring

  • Transom Closer
  • Floor Spring


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